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^'-^^^^^ri-DAY SAINTS^ 

• JVl 







Mrs. Anita Carscallen 
Box 226, Keene, Texas, 76059. 
Jan. 20, 1977 

To ray dear relatives and friends, , 

'the reason why I had this book pribted 
was to give my children and grandchildren something about their heritage, 
also my one brother, Norman Johnson's children. Then I thought of my 
cousins, many of them did not l^ave photos of their folks, but my folks had. 

We were missionaries in British Guiana and when I returned for furlou 
I was so disappointed that I hadn't found out the names of my mother's 
family of I3 children. I started to inquire and wrote down lots of mistakes 
which were their guesses. I had about 3OO names of living relatives. 

If I had a page of photos printed 3OO pages wojuld cost just a little 
more than 100 pages so I had 3OO printed of some or 200, but the charts 
only 100 for I thought they maji have to be revised, quite true. 

I had finished only a few pages over many years. I never dreamed I 
would get 66 pages in a book. These were printed in many different places. 
In 1973 I planned to visit my daughter, Viola Bell, in Bangkok, Thailand 
and take her two daughters along which wer^ffmfehing their school years. 
I gathered pages together into several books and sent them out to many fami 
ilies. I didn't page these for some may like like diffeterent arrangements. 

My arrangment was to take the oldest family going back to 1^91, first, 
in Norway, then my fathers from Sweden. This family has had information 
from Sweden recently, due to the kindness of Mrs. Violet CaB^)ell, from 
Kitimat, B.C. Can. This was the long lost family of which my husband's 
folks talked about and only found just before his death in 1964. The 
folks in Eastern Can. had a booklet printed asking for information about 
the Wilde's, Violet 's folks. Very interesting. 

This is a sort of index to my book, or arrangement. 

Ancestry and wheel charts. 

19 generations from Norway. 

Nels Midgarden (farm name) 

This family called themselves 

Nelson in U.S.A. 

Home in NdlWay, wrong church 

corrected on next page. 

Jons Olson's from Sweden 

L.O . Jghnson's family. 

N.B. corner of n: Dakata 

Johnson & Margaret Nelson 

descendents & chusrts. 

Norman .Johnson's family 

Harold & 4 sisters. 

Phillips gerfelogy 

Wilde family in Can. 

Seven generations of Carscallens 

Arthur Carscallen 's work 

Arthur and Anita in B. Guiana 

Muriel. Leona, Vivian & Viola 

Arthur's bro . & sister 

Charts for other relatives. 

Edith Broughton,prbably not accurate 
Allen& Edith's family,^*^inn. 
Lingren iflamily in Sweden 
Ebba's family & home in Sweden 
Clair Johnson's chart & photos 
Brothers and sister's families 
Jennie & Herbert Thatcher 
Their children and Dissimonre's 
Perry ^tohnaen family & charts. 

Back to Mother's folks. 
Carl' torbenson's chart & photos 
Big Aleck's family 
Ben Nelsorfs family 
Olaf Midgarden, only brother who 
kept the farm name, lived in Mimn. 
Little Aleck Nelson with ten childr* 
Sketch map of Norway, farms. 
Simon Nelson family 
Charles and Anna( Nelson) family 

I would be glad to get corrections and additions. Page 2. We can 

fet no information from Noimay about Nels half brothers. A^iaksons and 
Iness are related to us abod.t six generations back. 

Dr. Erling Smedal from Tuson, Ariz, has sent you his history of 
Smedal family and it has many charts showing Midgarden family back to 1^91 
We are related a few genaestions back and he has his down from Charlemage 
and working on getting it from first kings of Piowway in a supplement,, 
soon ready. 

Genealogy third most popular hobby, ver^^ fascinatinjg. Si'srerely, 


-nst- vr: o' 



MY ANNUAL LETTER Mrs. Anita Carscallen 

T, _ , Box 2?6, Keene, Texas, 76059 

Dear Folks, Ocfcfeber 1975 

The above shall be my last and permanent address. If I should pass away 
you may be able to get more ggnealogy Family Albums or certain pages from my files 
here from my daughter, Vivian Budgins. They will likely live here permanentlyfor 
Keene is sucha good college town. No kind of tobacco, liquor, or jail in Keene. 
It was founded in 189^ as an Industrial School up to l?th grade, in the country. 
The population is over ?000 and the huge church was built to held that many but now 
when the college is in session we have two preaching services, first at 8:20, Sabbath. 

Vivian is so happy we do not have T.V. in this house for then it would be too 
difficult to get children to work or study. There are five children from 8 to 19 In 
church school, and Tivlan has to work nights as an R.N. to help pay their tuition. 
Keith plans to be a minister as my husband was. He roofs houses. Karen, who 
is on the honor roll works U hours a day at Harris Pine Mills making furniture. 
Howard and Kenneth love to cook so we always eat well. They always find money for 
picnics, parties, camping and of course clothes. 

Joanne, theoldest,was married last year, June ?, to Mike Carter, who teaches 
at Lynwood Academy near Los Angeles. She didn't get to Patsy's wedding, nor Barbara 
Brown. Eleven grandchildren were there. See photo page for your genealogy Alb\un. 

Patsy Bell was married to Richard Current, Aug .17,1975 in a Park on top of Flagyl 
staff Mountain, Boulder, Colo. Her parents flew from Bangkok, Thall»nd. Her father, 
recently ordained an Adventlst minister, performed the ceremony. Orchids and Seed 
pods flown in from Hawaii. The Maid of Honor was from Hawaii. An usher from Jaiwan. 

Muriel, leona and their families drove from Calif. Art's ? sisters from Keene. 
Eight of us traveled in Howard's big van. We had a Family Reunion and took many' pictures, 

My health is as good as ever but I use a cane in walking. I can still wash dishes, 
eew, mend, recover quilts and do many things. I live very economically and comfortably 
In one large room,wlth my double bookcase, and shelves for my hobbies, both clear to 
the ceiling. I have 12 filing drawers, sewing machine, large desk and five sectional 
glass cases to display my pretty things. 

I have a world map on the wall with a stamp from every country on it. I 
arrange stamps by topic* in a notebook and have a huge stamp album. I help all the 
children here with stamps. I don*tspend much money on used stamps but trade and ask 
for the nice big cozmnemoratlve stamps. 

Another hobby is making scrapbooks of poetry with pictures to match for my 
daughters, grandchildren and myself. If I end up in a wheel chair, all the children 
here will help me. I am never bored or really unhappy. I feel needed here . 

English is taught in most countries of the world but after ? years they do 
not speak it, but can write exams, in it. I am writing a "PATTERNED SPELLING" book 
for foreigners. 80 % of English is spelled by sound, but the 20 5^ I have marked dla- 
crltically to be really studied. In 20 lessons the class learns half the common 
root words used by adults in writing. T© speak each day the class sits in a circle, 
telling each other to do things, such as "Put 3 pins in this tin." first lesson. They 
must ask and answer quetlons,"What was done?" They work with real objects on a tray, 

give, take, set, get, in, on, over, "Do not ." All easy words. Correct "He go. She do." 

They must spell every new word in their reading lessons. If American children did this 
there would be no reading failures, but spelling was taken out of first garde. Now 
only 20 words a week are studied Instead of ten a day. Abolish those spelling books. 

Let me quote parts of poems from MEMORY IDEALS. 

''^is precious album is a treasure Not as we take, but as we give. 

That the family holds most dear; Not as we pray, but as we live; 

It's a special, magic doorway These are the things that make for peace. 

To the days of yesteryear. Both now and after time shall cease. 

Again I say these Family Album books are free foj; the asking but it cost me 
about $500. to get them printed a little at a time. I am still trying to get better 
photos of some families to make up a page and more information about births, deaths, 
and marriages. I hare twisted some dates and made some mistakes, which I would like 
to have corrected. 

God blese you all and take care of your health ! , 



Ilany people would like to hnve more information about their ancestors 
and a>'.out the present-d-y descendants. Collectins genealogical inforn;:tion 
is the third most popular hobby now in the U.S.A., follov/ing stamp collecting 
and coin collecting. It is a challenge and can become very fascinating. 

\-nien I was young, I didn't care to get Information about my ancestors, 
but now I vrish I had written down sci'ie of the things my mother and father told 
me about their younger days. ."ifter my mother's death I realized that I had 
never written down the names of her tv.-elve brothers and sisters, but I had her 
alburn with many photographs of some of the family, and these were labeled. I 
treasure the album, and I vr anted to share the faJiily pictures with my ciiildren 
and graiidchildren, my brother's children and grandchildren, and the children in 
my cousins' far'iilies who might like to have pictures of thfir greatgrandparents. 
Having duplicate pictures made costs about the s.ame as having 100 copies printed, 
so I decided to make a -book with pictures for many relatives. 

This book will never be finished because it is t;ie story of lariilies 
that are still growing. Any family can add to it. Perhaps Christmas letters 
telling of special events can be added to it. Parents who may not take much 
interest at present could save this book along with their children's baby books 
to show the children their heritage. 

Ivhen I started writing dovrn the names of my reD.atives, I never e:rpected 
to get much farther than my grandparents. However, many people have helped ne, 
and I met many cousins (somewhat removed) which made it very interesting. SoTie 
have v'ritten to ron-iay and received laore infoniation and have been able to correct 
some details which I did not have right. I did not write tc Norway and v.'as quite 
surprised to receive a letter from "on;ay shov:ing ho'.: we are related to the 
Aslakson family in "orth Dakota 6 generations back. The letter gave me the 
address of Dr. Trling Smedal, c957 I'orth Grange Grove Circle, Tucson, irizona, 
0570^+, who has published a bool: about Smedal genealogy. 

Dr. Siiedal sent me a copy of his book, "Saedal Fr.iuily History ?zid Gene- 
alogy," which I appreciate very much. This book has been accepted 'oy the Library 

of Congress, ?r.d three copies are in the Royal Library' in Oslo, L'or'/.'ay. It has 
the 2'idgarden na,me many times in charts, but Megard is not mentioned at all. He 
has information on the Midg^rden f-'unily going b3ck to l^S'Ij which is farther bad': 

than I had it« '-"e are related about 5 generations bsck. Dr. Smedal has made 
several trips to "'or.iay c-.nd has consulted those who have v/ritten books or made 

charts about Rauland and Vinge. He looked at soi-.e parclirients many hundreds of 
years old, the first letter written in 147^2. He is now vjorking on a supplement 

and tr^^ing to find the missirig links for his book, back to the first kin.^-s 01 I'onray. 

The "Garden" of the "idgarden family was a largo, fertile tract of land 
on the south of Lake Totak. It was brolcen up into smaller farms for the heirs. 

Eerge was the first to be separated. Gardsjore was also taken from the 
gard or farm. Midgarden is still at the site of the original hoiie and was often 

designated as Sudigard. Sv/alastcga and Bekkhus were other tracts. 

I will send this book I am making free to .my relatives \f.:o want it. I 
would arjpreci ite receiving copies 01 my additional information or corrfctions. 
I I'lODe th'it this book viill insnire oUicrs to write v;h it they know about the fc_uil''. 

•H »• * • 

8f3- i 

H'l-'a)^ C-. • ^*^ * 9 




13 (^f:-NPRAT/^H5, 



c> < _i i- -a 

<R^ %"ip 


.r^^>.-A- ;^ «5>">.^^>. 

O V 










oV- ~ >•■ 

J0N5 Ol^^N 

l'7 (?eN £K/r/W5 



Par,P 1 

Mr3» A. A. Carscallen 
U()Uh Tomlinson Avenuo 
Arlinf;;tr.u, California 92$03 

Decwibsr, 1970 

Genealogy Nctebock 

These are the first paj^es of a genealogy nnteb?ok. W- v/ould like to add 
more informatior. about each family^ bringing the notetor^k up to date anci chwjir.g 
all the descendants of the psopls TientioRsd here. Fleasa Eend me inforrnati&n 
if you. have any corroctions to make, or if yoa have additional material. 

The followinij pages give tho aacestry ©f Nels Nygaard Ili.dt garden, the 
names and birthdates of his 13 children, and pictivr-ss ef Nels, his v.dfe Anas, 
and the Midtcardcn Estate, wnich be inherited. I have had 300 copies made 
of these pictiu'es, printed from a metal plate. As long as my supply lasts, 
I am railing tr> send them without charge to relatives whe are interest'i'Jo 
Parents may vdsh to have several copies so they can make up a looso-leaf 
nptebook for eacfi of tiieir children, showing his family tree. 

Credit ffir 2:5''herin^ nach of this inateiial Qoes to Mrs. iivslyn Taylor 
©f rJniamclav?, 'Washington. She is the one vht crf,anlEed the Nelewn - Eus 
Families Reunipn at Jlalispell, Montana^ in Jal.y, 1959. She is the granddaushtsr 
of Aleck Kelson (al-so called Vesls Aslsk), who uiarried Tearand (Tilda) Rue, 
Evelyn wr&te to Norway and got much ef this r.ateriai frcm the 'oinister cr 
Sf>!cn2pr<5sten, at Rauland, and from Olav Vaao-en, Skein, r^orwavj t.ho has vcrkcd 
for 30 3'5f^rs &r, genealogy. Another distant cousl'i'. . ©f cu's, a laviyer Urom 
Skein, Norviay, has v;f»rk«d for ,'jO years &n his g;r:t;©alogy. 

The pictures ef the Midtgarden estate show the house built by Olav Nelson 
Troen, the father cf Nels Uyga^rd Kidtp-p.rden. Ths }.icture on the left Is from 
an nld postcard sent to my toother. T'no one tn the right vras •';akeri by Alma 
NslSDH when she vent to Norviay in 1965. The picture on the lower right, t-f 
Anns Midtf^aix^en, was painted by my mother, who was Anne's d<iu^:hter, •''•fter 
ray rr^thier had been tc art school in Indianapclis, Indiana, she painted this 
picture of her mother. Mother had photor,'raphs taken of the paintinfr to rivi 
to her relatives, for Anne never had her picture taken. Ws have heard frc.Ti 
Norv.'ay that she was an outstandinj^ beauty in her youth. 


b, born 

d. died 

ch. christened 

m. married 

dtr. dattor or dauglitor 

Ea?ird - farm 

or fsrd 
ni, n«, or my - near 
Tiiidt or mid - niiddls 

Surnames could ba farm names or the words "son" or "datter" 
added to thg father's first nfme., 

Page 2 

Nols Nypsard Midt^iarden 's Ancestry 

Olav Nils^n Troen, 1776-l8!i9, was tho father of Nels N/Esard Mid+Karden. 
Cl8V married Aasne Aslakedatter Mdtgarten on 29-6-1800. They had only ene 
child, Nels, wh«» was born on the Kidtgarden Fa rm , Ra iila nd , Teis-narken, Nrrwcy, 
on April h, 1802. Olav traded the Troen farm and got the Midtgarden farm from 
his wife's relative. He was very industrious and built the hcase and improved 
the place. As the Trees genealogy .balow show.=;, Olav Nilssn Iroen was married 
three times and had seven snns by his ascend wife. The ^enealaf^- begins with 
his grandfather, who was also named Olav NiJ.sson Treew. 

Olav Nilsssn Troen, b. 1721, from Rculand 
m. to Grn Halvorsdatler ^n ^'8rch l6, 17I|3. 
They had seven children. 

1. Nile Olavscn Trrea 2.Asloug 3= Halvpr h.Taarun 5. Hese 6.Gro 
chr.23-:?-l-7l:5 Uhl 1750 1752 1755 1959 

d. 26-2-1816 
Di. April 5, 1772, t© 
Margit Sigvaldsdtr. Vaa (b. 1751, d. 1832) 


? .Anjie 

1. Olav 

3.C-r9 lii-Aste 
1730 1786- 

5b Taarua 

2. Olav '-'ilssen Treen 

b. 1776, d. I8I49 1730 1786 1789 

chr. 11-16-1776 . 

m„ 29-6r-l80O, to ^ 

Aasae Aslaksdtr. yiid£;arden (b. 1778) 

I Second wife, Kxisti Bjornsdtr. from Hevdectad (b, Ke. v.7,X 

j Third wife, Ingebrjrc Torbjorosdtr. (b. 1807) 
Ne children Tram third v.'ifc. 

Nels HvrsaJ'd Kidtp.arden 
chr. )^-li-l802, d; 3O-6-I869 
rio Anns Aslcksdtr. C-ardsjord 
(b. Kay 26, I8I7, d. Aug. 
l6vL895, in North Dakotn) 
They had 13 children, 
listed belcw. 

^Sj-trn, Olav, Si,'Vald, Olav, Sv.^iuar'ti, Sveinurq,Ha! 
1811 1813 131I4 1820 182li-25 1326 ^ 1^. 

(The descendants cf these seven sons include ths 
Aslaksr-n and the Olhess families which are now 
in North Dakota. Kcre informatisn is aesded.) 


1. Oj'stein 

2. Aasne (Ann) 

3. Clfif 

U. Stor Aslak 

5. Olaf Kidgarden 

6. V-Ele Aslak 

7. Gunhild 

8. Bjorn (Ben) 

9. Simon 

10. Eivind 

11. Margaret 

12. Anna 

13. Eiven 

BirtJidste £)ied, where" 

Karried, to uhem 

19 Jan. 1839 
23 Kar. I8!i0 
31 Jan. I8I42 
2'^ May ISU 

3 Aug. iShh 

29 Jan. I8I47 

30 Dec. 189)4 
13 Nov. 1851 

6 Sept. 1353 
5 Fsb. 1??6 
11 :^ay 1858 
9 Aug. I86I 

20 Sept. 1862 

One year after ccming to Ajnerica 
19 Apr. 1925, Bellingham, Wac.h. Carl Torbenssn 
died in infancy, burled at Rauland's church mk 

3 Fob. 1818, Katsqoi, DcC, Canada i'Jartha Kopanger 
18 Sept. 1916, Hew Richland, Minn. Anna J&hnsr>n 
23 Mar. 1913, Viscsunt, Sask.,Cati. Taarand Rue 
1895, Hariska, Minn. Mr. Helling 

Sept. 1919, Abbottsford,B.C.,Can. Marie Nelsaa 
16 July 1926, BellinghGrn, ».a3h. Christine OefPtec 

7 Feb. 1856, buried at Kaulr^nd't church, K-Mrvny i 
21 Dec. 193ij, Tolaa, North Dakota, Olaf Jt*h:;scn 
23 Feb. 1935, Matsqui, S.CCan. Charles Crist 
7 Oct. cl900, McHenry, N, Dsk. Never married. 

Pa"e 3 

Nols Nygaard Mid tgarcl en's Ancestry 

On his mcther's side, ^Jsl6 Nygaard Midtgarden's ancestry has been traced 
back to about ISOO, Tliis page gives eleven generations, all born in Noi-vey. 

Ralvox' Mid garden , b. about i^OO 

1. Aslak Kidtgarden 
in. Gro 3jupsdatter 


1, ?., 3,Sondov Asiakson .^JidtRaruen U- 5» (Sondov was third of five children.) 

d. about 1638 

I ^ 

IT Halvor Midtp-ircen 2. Olai" 
m. Anne iicilsdatter 

I \^ ^„ 

1. Aslalc Garc'sjord,(d. aoojt l^fj 2. 3. h. 
m, Aasne Aasmunsdatter Tv3ito (d. about. 1709) 

1. 2.3jorn Gardsjord (1^7 0-172.^ 3. I4. 5. 6. ?. 

in.(1707) to Anne Ev-inongsdatter Fstveit (d. 1712) 

1. 2. 3.A£ls> Gardsjcra"! 1712 -TTBT) U. 5o 6. 7. 
m. June 26, 17^42 to widow 
AclauK Knutsdattsr Tveito (1713-1796) 

IT' Knut" ~^T~a"bo/ 
ch. Apr. b. and 
I4, 1755 d, 1757 

l.Ar.n* Kostvjit 2.In.-'»borf; Gordsjord 
ch.Feb. 3,17l.'3 ch. Kar. 23, 17 .'iS 

d. Use. 23, 1618 
™. Aslak Kidtgarden 


Aasns Aslaksdatter Midtf^prrien 
b. 1778, r, June 29, I6OO 
to Olav 'Ulson Troen 

(See other pac- fcr Troen 
family tree. ) 


nTIs Olavson Vigard Midtgarden 
(also known as Kels Jlypaard 
ch. April 1;, 1302, d.June 3O,l06? 
m. his second cousin, 
Anne Aslfi'csdtr. Gards.iord 

3. Djorn Gardsjord 
ch. Jan. 29, 1752 
d . 1305 

m. July 19, 1778 
to his cousin 
Anne BJornsdatter Svalastog (ch. June- 1,1756) 

I .Aslak Gards.i ord" 

1. 2.Asla'x Gardsji 

ch. Djc. 31, 1732, d. yiay 23, 1832 
tn. July 8, 1307 to 
Gunhild Oysteinsdatter Sandov 
(cho 1736, d. Mov. 5, 1823) 


I. 2. 3. li.Atins Asiak'sdtr. Gardujord 

ch. May 26, 1317, d. Aul;.16, 1395, 
buried at Portland, North Dakota 
m. Nels Nygaard .'^idt^^arden 

LCysL-^in 2.Aa£ne 3.01af h.^slok 5.01af 6. Aslak 7. Gunhild 6. Bjorn (continusd below) 
1039 I8I4O 13I42 I3!i3 iSWi 16i!7 lSli9 1851 

9oSi:non lO.liivind ll.y:ai'?aret 12. Anna l3.i;lv5n 
1853 135^' 1858 1861 1362 

N.-^ls and t\'o little sons, Claf and Zivind (the third and terth children) lie 
buried in Hauland's church yard, tl^re ail his children werft recorded. They 
were all born fit home at Midtgarden. 



















a o 










































































































Box 226, Keene, Texas, 76059 

Greetingsl . , 

An Astonishing Discovery. 

A letter from Mrs. Helen Pence, Davis, Calif., surprised me very 
much. After spending 6 weeks in Norway, she wrote me this information. 

The photo of Anne Gardsjore in our qenealoqy books is really my 
grandmother. She married Nels Negard Midqarden and had 13 children. 
This photo was taken in Norway in 1870, just before she left for Minne- 
sota with the five youngest children. The two girls beside her are 
the two youngest daughters, Margaret (My Mother ! ) ,age 12, and Anna 
(Mrs. Crist), age 9. The picture was taken over 100 years aqo. 

At last when I am 77 years old, I discover a photo of my mother, 
which I had for 5 years and didn't know it. When I was little I asked 
mother if she didn-t have any pictures taken when she was a qirl. She 
said, "No, I haven't any. It was not so common to have photos taken in 
Norway." She must have forgotten that she posed for this picture, for 
she never saw it. I suppose they thought the photo hadn't turned out. 
If a copy had been sent to the U.S.A., it may have been lost in the mail 

I had written my cousins that my grandma never had her photo taken. 
When my mother finished art school in 1882, she made a drawinq and then 
an oil painting of grandma. Mother had it photographed and gave copies 
of it to her two brothers and two sisters when we went to the World's 
Fair in Seattle in 1909. 

I received this photo of Anne Gardsjore from Cousin Hilda Schoonmakeri 
in 1971. She came from Norway and said it was our grandmother, but she " 
didn't know who the girls were. From the maiden name, I thought it must 
have been taken before she married. I doubted that it really was our 
grandmother and thought it might be some other relative. I even wrote 
in English to Norway and asked about it but got no answer. This letter 
should be put in the genealogy book next to the photo. Another error 
that should be corrected is the picture of Vinge church, which was 
labeled as the Rauland church in error. I got a recent photo of the 
Rauland church from Norway and put it into the book. 

not f^^^!u^^°*:!! how fascinating genealogy can be for a hobby if relatives 

tracerb.Jrtn ?;: ;•'''. r^ ''^°^°'- ^ ^°"^^ ^'^' t° 5^^ °^^ ancestry 
traced back to the first kings of Norway, which is the Midgarden tradition 

This year my granddaughter Barbara Brown married Randy (Joel 

rL nh"r^^°; 'I'J ^' ^^^^' ' ^"^"^^ wedding. They tSok many lovel 
ired photos but they do not print out well, so I am no? senSInq any 

Season^^^?e:Jln:rIn3^:^d^"?e5ry%^a^f?^1iJ?^?efJ7 °^ ^°"^ '^''''- 

// ^. rz / \^ . „ ^ . Z/' 

Photos from Norway, Sweden and North Dakota 
Midgarden place a white blur. The Rauland Church sent from Norway. 


■ 1 


The line drawn down the mountains shows a tiny speck, the Rauland Church. A mis- 
take was made on other page for that is the Vinge Church. On page 119 in "Smedal 
Family History and Genealogy" is the above photo. 


Anne Gardsjore, brought back from Norway 
in 1971. No one in U.S.A. had ever seen 
this photo before. 

Ingaborg, age 3, and Margaret Johnson, 
Dissmore Post Office, North Dakota. 

Ingrid, wife of Jons Olson 
in Sweden, age about 55- 

Jons and Ingrid Olson, Olaf, 
Allen, baby Perry and Jennie. 

Jons and Ingrid Olson's Genealogy from Skane, Sweden. 
Grandfather Jon's side. Grandmother Ingrid' s side. 

Abbreviations, b-bom, d.-died 
ch. -christened. m. -married 
dtr.or dotter - daughter 
Surnames are from father's first 
name plus either son or dotter. 

Anders, no dates 

Ola Anderson, 1790-1857. divided up 
land for government and got a large 
tract given him for his work. He has 
a large tombstone'in front of church 
at 'Valby,flov7ers kept ut) by govern' t. 
m. Bengta Torkelsdtr. 1798-1863 
9 children but only 5 listed here. 

I. PerOlson 

I.Andrew Weber, ra. Mary Knutson 
lived near Sranite falls, 1-Iinn. 
A. Hanard Weber, Nov. 23 , 1901 
m. Vivian Jenson 

a. Elisabeth V7eber m. Eric Johnson. 
Michael and Steven 

B. Elwin Weber m. Agnes Koepke 

C. Idella X'Jeber, ra. John Rudell 

a. Linda Maiy Rudell 
m. Gary Perkins 

b. Clinton John Rudell 
II. Anders Olson 

III. Torkel Olson, had twin boys. 

IV. Jons Olson m. Inrrid Srlandsdtr. 

Each line drawn across represents 
one generation, unless listed down by 
numbers or letters. 

Per Olson, 1655-1720 

m. Bengta Oldsdotter, 1658-1739 

Ingrid Persdtr. 170^1781 

m. Erland Hakanson,1707-1767 

Haken Verlandson, 173^1792 
m. Anna Person. 

Per Hakanson,1777- 
m. Una Tuvesson,1775- 

Hakan, Erland, Ingrid, Marten, Sissa, Anna, Kecsts 
1796 1800 I8O3 1810 1807 1814 I8I7 

m. Kama Mansdtr, Sept. 29, 1801-Mar. -1849 
In Kvarmby. Their 6 children below. 

1. Hakan Erlandson, 4-12-1823 

2. Per Erlandson, IIov. 1,1828- May 29,1914 
A. Ecland Person, June 3. 1865-Jan. 25,1938 
m. Bengta Tuvesson died ? 
m.2nd. Slin Lingren,l-10-1880-Feb.l5,1952 

\iho helped rear Sbba L'ingren Johnson 

3. Signe E^!»lands^rr. May 1,1331 

4. Ingrid Brlandsdtr. Apr. 1.1833. Buried at Valby . 

Nov. 5,1836 at Salarp 
m. June 8, I86I. 

I.Louis Olaf Johnson, 1862- 1944 Tolna, N.Dak. 

2. Jennie Johnson, 1863-1936, Rock Springs, Wyo. 

3. Allen Johnson, 1865- 1963. Granite ^'alls, Minn. 

4. Perry Johnson, 1867- 1948. Tolna, N. Dak. 

5. Anna Johnson, 1873- 1955. Kalispell, Mont. 

y. Kama Oldsdtr. 1893-1901 
m. Swen Lingren 

1. Bengta Lindgren 

2. Anna Lindgren 

3. G\mnar Lindgren 

4. Otto Lindgren, Ebba's father. 

5. Elin Lindgren, Oct. 1,1880- Feb. 2,1952 
m. 1912 Erland person, helped rear Ebba, 

6. Bror 

5. Anna Erlandsdtr. 

6. Ingar Erlandson, Mar, 4,1838 Salarp 

Number 2 above, Per Erlandson, 1328- 
1914. had 6 children, Erland, Edward, 
Earnest, Anna, Johanna, & Augusta, 
vrtio m.. . Per Olson and they had 3 
children. Anna who lives in 111. 
Oscar and ftobert x^'ho live in Can. 



J»a8 Olsta was bora N*?. S, 
1336, »nd Ingrid April 1, 18U. 
They were married June 8, l86l. 
They had fire children, Olaf, 
Jennie, Erland, Anna, and Perry. 
The oldest son, Louis Olaf John- 
son, was born on Feb. 3, 1862, 
at Blastorp No. 5, Vallby, Skane, 


When Olaf came to Minnesota, the nane Jons son 
became Johnson. He married Margaret Nelson. 
Their first family photograph shows children 
Ingaborg, Norman, and baby Frithjof, *rtio died 
August 8, 1897. They had the photograph taken 
because they were told he was dying of quick 
consumption. Ingaborg died the next year. 


This family photograph was taken on a visit to Minot when Anita was 
seven years old, in I906. 


/.. ' ' J -A * - ■ 







,.f- iJtv 

n/\ K 0'^ A. 








G-^m-:KLCGl FOR 


Loviis Olnf Johnson was born Fabruary 3, 1362, at Blastrop No. $, SkSn^, 
Swc'Jsn, near Wallby, Ha died January 2U, I9hh, on Lak«viaw Far^i, Tolna, North 
Dakota, and was burisd at the Sigdahl Chursh near Sh«yenne Hlv-r,, bcfide his 
vdfe and three children, 

Claf went cut to work at age l5, Cot. 26, IS??, in Sweden, Ke worked at 
various jobs, includible bsin* cook's h.5lper on a boat. He ironi^rated to the 
United States in 18S0, ijoing to Granite Falls, Minnesota, where he worked for 
a farmer for two years „ He bou;-,ht a yoke of oxen, wajjon, cow, and a calf, and 
went to Dakota Territory in June, 1332, to file on a homestead, Ke filed on 
land near Devil's Lake, built a sod house and barn, and plowed l5 ^cres. In 
AuK'ist he went to work laying: railroad tracks for the Great Northern P^ilroad, 
which was b^ins built froi:i Grand Forks to Devil's Lake. In the winter he went 
to Minnesota to i-iork in the woods, ' V/hen he returned the next spring, he found 
his sod buildings w-ire torn down and three lumber shanties were built on his claim. 
Rathei-* than fight, he went 16 .Tiiles south of the railroad and took a homestead 
near Stump Jjake. He named this place Lakeview Farm. 

This infonnati«--n was from a talk giv:?n at a Farmer's Union meeting and 
printed in the Lakota American, June 22, 1933. Tha paper also reported that Olaf 's 
son Norman Tjas operatiniij the farin, a daughter (Anita Carscallen) was a misslonnry 
livin* in Georgetovm, British Guiana, and an adopted dei;|hter (Al:na) was a captain 
of the Salvation Ainy in Miles City, Montana . 

He wris considered one of the aiost progressive farmers in his ai'ea. He had 
a grain elevator on his property, and a wir.dnill to ^er^rate electricity in the 
early 1920' s. He practiced rotation of crops, not growing wheat on the same land 
every year, but growing alfalfrj for hay and letting sonie fields lie Talloxr, or be 
used for pasture. He had all his 800 acres of land fenced into different fields 
and tried to keep them all free of weeds. He won prises on his special KubanlvO wheat. 

Olaf irarried Marjaret Kidgarden on May 12, l889o She was teaching school 
shortly before their marriage, and the name on her teacher's certificate is 
Nelson, for she changed her last name to Nelson when she joined her brothers in 
Dakota Territory. Her brothers called themselves Nelson, since they wsre tha 
Eons of Nels Mid garden, 

Margaret Midgardcn was born May 11, 18^8, on tha Kidgarden Estate, at I'-aular.d, 
Telemark, Norway, She died Dec, 21, 193li, at M^Ville Hospital, and was bulled at 
Sigdahl Church beside three of her children, 

Mar.f-aret was 12 years old in 1370 when she came to Christiania Settlement, 
Minnesota, vjith her moth'^r. She learned En^'iish in school. Because she could 
sketch liksne^ses of people so well, a rich lady, Mrs, Butler of Minneapolis, 
sent her to a large art school in Indianapolis, Indiana. MsrEaret spent two years 
there studying; art and won pri?,9s for her art work, according to a clippina from 
the Indlamplis Journal of August U, 1879. 

Lat^r she took up a homestead a mile from her brother Ben Nelson, on tha 
Sheyenne River. To pay for buildiri£, plowing, and fees, she tau{:ht school to earn 
the ^O0,costs. Althoujih she had hoped to open a studio and teach art, she »ava 
up these dreams to marry a farmer. Their recreation via resding, and they always 
kept up ; currant events* 


All five of their children were bom on Lakeview Farm, near Dissmore Post 
Office, North Dakota. In 1907, when the railroad came through, Tolna became the 
nearest town and post office. 

A. Ingaborg Agatha Johnson, b. Feb. 5, 1890. At home she learned to read and write 
in both Norwegian and English. She died Dec. 23, 1898, in Lakota, where she had 
been taken to a doctor, and was buried on Christmas Sve. 

B. Norman Harold Johnson, b. Mar. 31. 1892, d. Oct. 28, 1892, of cholera infantum. 

C. James Norman Johnson, b. Oct. 24, 1893. d. July 3. 1951. from cancer of the lungs, 
after two operations and x-rays. He took a three-year course at the State Agri- 
cultural College at Fargo, N.D. , and later a business course. Between 1914 and 
1919, he proved up a homestead in Canada, near Assiniboine, Sask. Married Sept. 
13, 1922, at Lakota, to Hilraa Julia Johnson, b. May 27, 1895, at McVille, N.D. 
She died of a heart attack Nov. 3. 1956, in Tolna. They had five children. 

1. Harold Arthur Johnson, Nov. 24, 1924. Inherited from his grandfather the 
home and 400 acres of land. M. Jan. 1, 1947, at Pekin, N. D. , to Dolores 
LaFem Olson, b. Dec. 19, 1925, at Pekin. 

a. Keith Harold Johnson, Feb. I5, 1949, at Pekin. M. Feb. 2?, 1970, to 
Monica Halvorson. 

b. Stephen James, May 26, 1953. d. Scott Lynn, Aug. 2, 1959. 

c. Mark Alan, Feb. 9. 1958. 

2. Alice Bernice Johnson, April 15. 1931. Taught school. Married Lee 
Brotherton, b, July 7, 1919, a school teacher. They live at Spooner, Wise, 

a. Sue Ellen, Sept. 1, 1957. c. Jon Thomas, Aug. I6, I96I. 

b. Jill Diane, Jan. 18, 1959. d. Ann Marie, Sept. 3. 1968. 

3. Carol May Johnson, May 14, 1935. Sings solos. Married Dale Ardell Flaagen, 
vjho was born April 7, 1937. He has a farm near Hamer, N. D. 

a. Kevin Dale, Jan. 24, 1955. 

b. Brian v;ade, Oct. 1, 1959. d. Shane Mitchell, Mar. 28, 1967. 

c. Jaime Joel, Hay 25, I965. e. Gary Ardell, Jan. 24, 1^58, d. 1958. 

4. Lois Margaret Johnson, Oct. 7, 1936. Registered nurse. Married Richard 
Oiiren Weed on Jan. 9, I960. They have a fara near Devils Lake, N. D. 

a. Becky Jo, June 8, 1960.^ c. Monte Ray, April 25, I965. 

b. Wendy June, Aug. 27, 1962. d. Joey James, June 18, I966. 

5. Barbara June Johnson, June 18, 1933. Married Ray Walter, a math teacher 
in Mandan, N. D. , after i-rorking a few years as a secretary in Denver, Colo. 

a. Cassie Rae, Nov. 24, I967. c. Julie Lynn, Feb. 1972. 

b. Abbie Sue, Nov. 17. 1970. 

D. Frithjof Harold GoodTrjin Johnson, b. Aug. 31, 1895, d. Aug. 8, 1897, of consumption, 

E. Anita Mildred Johnson, b. Feb. 7, 1899. M. Arthur Carscallen. See other page. 

F. Alma Margaret Johnson, b. May 5, I906. Reared from age four as their own child. 
Alma took a secretarial course in Fargo, two years of advanced school xrork in 
Spokane, and more school work later in San Francisco. She married July, 193^. 
Ben Erickson, who was born May, 1899, and both have given devoted service as 
captains in the Salvation Army for many years in California. They retired because 
of Ben's health shortlj-- before reaching the rank of Major in the Salvation Army. 
They now live in a lovely home in Santa Cruz, California. 


Norman Johnson started to attend the Agricultural 
College at Fargo, North Dakota, at age 14 (picture 
at left). He took military drill for Phys. Ed. 

Hilma with daughter 
Carol Mae at high school 


'■ i 1 

Back row: Victor Emanuel, Hilma Julia, Oscar, 

b. Sept. 14, 1902. m. Norman Johnson, m. Alice Cartwright. 

Front row: Peter Gustave Johnson, Leonard Arthur, Caroline, 

b. Nov. 10, 1861, b. Jan. 16, 1906, b. Dec. 7, 1865, 

in Sweden. m. Rhoda d. Oct. 6, 1949- 

; f- 

■ ^ 








LAKEVIEW FARM, built up by L.O. Johnson, Tolna, North Dakota 
Now owned by Harold Johnson, his only grandson, his great pride and joy. 

The barn was built with stone walls in 1900, having a track for the hay to be carried to 
the farthest part of the barn loft by pulleys. L.O. Johnson was the first in the county to 
have an electric windmill to generate electricity before 1920. He got an elevator to elevate 
the grain to any of several bins. Machine shed is in the foreground. 

Norman's children, Harold, 
Bernice, Carol Mae, Lois, 
and Barbara. 

Harold and Delores 
Wedding photo, 1947. 


1961-Keith, age 12. 


1968-Steven, 15- 

1968-Mark, 10. 

i9c>8-Scott, 9. 



Lee Brocherton, 
m. Bernice Johnson, 
now living at 
Spooner, Wisconsin. 

The Lee Brocherton Family. Back row, Jill and Sue. 
Front row, Jon, Bernice, Lee, and Ann. 

Bernice Johnson, 
graduating from 
Tolna High School. 

The Dale Flagen Family. Back row, Brian and Kevin. 
Front row, Jaime, Carol, Dale, and Shone. 


Lois and Barbara Johnson married Richard 
Weed and Ray Walter respectively. 

Lois Johnson graduated as a 
Registered Nurse in Grand 
Forks, North Dakota, 1957. 

Richard and Lois Weed. 

Ray and Barbara Walter. 

The Weed children: Wenc^y, 5th grade, 
Joey, 1st, Monte, 2nd, and Becky, an 
honor roll student in the 7th grade. 

Ray and Barbara Walter and their 
children: Julie Lyn (2 mos. ), 
Cassie Rae (5)> and Abbie Sue (2), 



Copied by .\ruta C.'ircc alien, ^.'638 Tomllnson Avg. At'lington or Riverside, Calif, 

riiillips 'Jonealogy. 

Sone of this from Austin's' 
Genalogy Dictionary'- of R.I. 
Most of this was gathered 
by BradKay 3. Fliillips' father, 
BristQi.Riiode Island. 

b.-born, d-died, m-narried. 
Each line represents a generation. 
There is muchrocin for error in 
ancient records and also in copying. 
Everyone does the best they can to 
get charts as corr ect as possible. 
Kichael Phillips, d. l586. Birth dates 
given for their 6 children, Nevroort, R.I. 
CT. ra. Barbara d. 17Q6 7 

1.2. 3. James Pliillips, d. Dec. \2.,17^ 

in . V.^r^r Yiovizy. 2nd j^llzabeth Fowler 

:;ichael PhilliusTAug . I,l692- Jan.l,17?6 

ri. F.reelove "likinso n.June 25.1701- Feb . 2,1784 

3. Elijah ?hilliDS,Apr.22,l7'^3-.Apr.26,l829 m. Rhoda ga^aes , tffeg.41743 Sraitlifield 

' S;fiithf ield R.I.I d.'rlansfield, Conn. Aug. 29, I765 d. Sept. 11, 1821 ,Ms.nsfi eld, Conn. 

In 1737 he was surve yor of Por.f ret , Conn. . Had 13 chil dren. 

1.2/3. (Rev.) Ass. Phillips, 1-Iay 8,1769,Srdt>-4-:Ulti,J\.I, ~ Sept. 17,1813, 
Marcellus, Onondaga Co. ,N.Y. in. Dec. 9,1790 at Ashford, Conn, to 
n. ;jin Vforks.Fcb. 3» l"^^!. - Au?. 2^-;.l8-^,OsTTe p- a Falls, now W. of -u lton , N . Y. 
I N,Y. 

1.2.3. Elijah Phillips, Dec. 28,1795, Marcellus, !'!.Y.» July 5,187^ Hi^iansville 
m. .Apr. 13,1317 Lucy Eastp'an, 

Asa Fnillips, Feb . 2 , 1813 , New York. -July 30,1839, Fulton, L-ewYox-k. 
m. Sept. 13,13'->0,i:ary .inn Dier, ;,ug. 22, 18l8,Toledo, Ohio-July i^,190i^, Toledo, 
After Asa was married he got a farm near Loughcoro, Ont. 

R60EP. VrUJ.IAMS , Founder of Rhode Island, 
Liberty S-. Toleration for all Religions, 

Roger Williams, b. about 1599 -I683 

Graduate of Cambridge, Ordained minister. 

Went to Boston, Mass, I63I. Exiled for 

teaching Freedom in Religion. Bought 

land from Indian s . m. Mar^- Barnhs ■►^d . 

1. Mary V.'illiams, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, children 

Aug. 1633- 1681 m. about I65O to 

John Sa^ylcs. 1633- 1661 from Snglar.d l645 

1. 2.* John oayies , ;.ug . I7 , 1(^5^- Aug . 2 , I727 

m . Elisabeth 01ney,l666- Nov. 2,1699 

1. 2. John Sayles,Jan.l6, I692-I717 

n. Elizabeth Comstcck, b. I69O 

John Sayles, 1728 
m. Martha Arnold 

children listed below were born. They had a very large comfortable home there, 
-ill the <;hildren vent to the U.3. to live exccot Pxxn 


Can. where all his 
!jT!elia. Back to Fulton 1332. 

1. '«,'illia:n H, 
July 25,1841 
Jan. 22, 1925 

Feb. 13,1854 
June 1937 

3 children 
Edward Cutts 
C, Lousse 

.-■ Kobert. 3.0i-delia. 4.Anii .-.melia . 5. Rachel. fA\. Dradway. 
June 1,1343 Mar. 10, 1347 May 29,1850 Feb. 5,1354 June 29,1356 
June 25, 1920 Sept. 30, 1932 Oct. 7, 1909 Dec. 2,1915 Jan.l,lSQl" 


2nd m. Lucy 

1 child 

Fort Benton, Mont. Fo<ain Lake,Sask, Toledo, 0. Clear Lake.ia. 

Apr. 12,1376 

5 children 





m.'i'. Wilde 

Dec. 27, 1847 

Oct. 14, 1922 

6 children 
E, Claire 
Mar;/ Crane 
Pez^cy Douglas 

n. H.Davis. n.M.Pi.llips 
Aug . 26 , 1830 Feb. 7 . 1356 
Feb. 28 , 1904 Nov. 25 , 1917 
2m. Melia Volk 

2 children 



2 Gfiildren 

Will Bradway 

I typed up information of descent from a Phillips soldier in the Am. Rev. for my four 
daughters books. If any want this information they may write or contact them. 



Bradway St. John Phillips (b. 190^), grandson of Hamilton Bradway Phillips and 
son of Will Bradway Phillips, shown in the Pomfret, Conn,, cemetery. His mother 
was Gertrude St. John. He and his father have done a great deal of work on their 
genealogy, and he has supplied many of these photographs and much infonnation. 
The headstone to the left is a memorial of Michael and Freelove Phillips. The 
center headstone is for their son Elijah Phillips (1743-1829), The one at the 
right is for his wife Rhoda Sayles Phillips (1743-1824), who was a great-great- 
great-granddaughter of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island. 

'w mp' 

Right: Lucy Eastman, 
wife of Rev. Elijah 
Phillips, above, from 
the same locket. They 
had 8 children. One 
of their sons, Asa, is 
shown at far right. 

Left: Rev. Elijah 
Phillips, 1795-1874, 
from an old locket 
which was handed down 
to Mary Graham, the 
daughter of his grand- 
daughter Ordelia. 

Asa Phillips, 1818-1889, 
and his wife Mary Ann 
Dier Phillips, 1818-1904. 


These children were all born near Loughboro, Ontario, Canada. 

Left: William Henry- 
Harrison Phillips, 

Right: Robert Elijah 
Phillips, 1843-1920 

Below: (left) Ordelia 
Phillips, 1847-1932, 
and (right) Rachel 

Crane Phillips, 185^ 


Left: Ann Amelia 
Phillips, 1850- 

Right: Hamilton 
Bradway Phillips, 
1856-1891, always 
called Bradway, 


Thomas and Ann Amelia (Phillips) Wilde. 

Andrew Wilde from Queens County, Ireland, married (Kitty) Catherine Carscallen, Sept. 27,1812 
Thomas Robert Wilde, Dec. 27,184?, Kapanee, Ont. Can. Died Oct. 14,1922. m. Sept. 1870 to 
Ann Amelia Phillips, May 29, I85O, Died, Oct. 7,1909, Foam Lake, Sask, Can. 
In 1882 they frrmed on Red River near town of St. Jean Baptist, Man. Can. Poor crops 
from hail or frost discouraged them, so they tried ranching at Sheo in 1892. In I903 they 
moved toCreek Bank south of Foam Lake. Ordelia Carscallen spent winter with them in 1909. . 

I. Josephine Mable Wilde, July 27",1871, Napanee, Ont, Can. Died July 13,1954. 
Married Dec. ?3, 1889, Sidney V/ood from England 

A. Leo Wood, Oct. 11, 1890 B. Evelyn Vlood,Kar.ll,1892. 

C. Irene Wood, Apr. 17, 1894. D. Kathleen Wood, Jan. 22,1896 

E. Stella V^ood, June 19,1899 F. Grace Vtood, Nov. 23,1904. 

II. Sstella Wilde, Feb. 14, 1875. Napanee, Ont. Can. died an infant. 
Ill . William Thurber Wilde, Mar. 29, 1877 " " " " " 

IV. (Kitty) Catherine Hulena Wilde, June 16,1878, Napanee, Ont, Can. Died July 26,1924. 
m. Nov. 15,1902 Albert Haw. 

A.Gladys Muriel Haw, Aug. 25,1902. m. 1920 Duncan McCall, Foam Lake, Sask, Can. 
I.Duncan Keith McCallApr. 24,1923. These four all bom at Mervin, Sask, Can. 
2.Margarite Eileen " July 7,1926. 3. Muriel Faye KcCall, July 31.1929. 
4. Kenneth Ross McCall, Feb. 29,1932. 

B. Charlotte Amelia Haw, Mar. 17,1904 Sheo Lake, Sask. m. Squire Reynolds Evans. 

I.Walter Squire Evans, Nov. 14,1928, Grand Forks, B.C. Can. d. Jan, 14,1936. 

2. Norman Albert Evans, Sept.18, 1932, " " " ". d. Feb. 8, 1936 

3. Roy Reynolds Evans, Mar. 9, 19 38, Kimberly, B.C. Can. 

4. m. Betty Ann Larder, b.June 29,1944 at Rabbit Lake, Sask, Can. 

a, Shirley Louise Svans, July 21,1962, Nakusp, B.C. Can. 

b. Joyce Marie Evans, Feb. 23, I965 " " ". 

C. Olive Irene Haw, Apr, 20,1905, Sheo Sask. Can. m. Levris Alfred Keir, Aug. 10, 1902, Wis. 

I.Carol Evelyn ^eir (adopted) mc, Binford 

a. Laurence Binford, Jan. 5.1963, Olympia, Wash. 
b.Terrance Gordon Binford, Oct. 23,1965, Olympia, Was. 
D.Walter Phillips Haw, Oct. 21,19C''-', Sheo. m. Sylvia Stanley, Apr. 9,1915. Mich. 

1. Olive V/inona Haw, m. Robert 

2. Dale RobertaHaw, m. James 

V. Edwin Clair V/ilde, May 30, 1880, Napanee, Ont. Can. Died July 16,1965, Foam T,ake,Sask. 
m.June 4,1902 at Sheo Lake, Sask, Can. to Etta Haw, Aug. 30,1882. 

A. First child still born. 

3. Violet Estelle 'Jilde, June 27,1904. m. Sept. 20,1930 at Regina, Sask, Can. 

to William Mongoraeiy Campbell, Oct. 24, 1907. 

1. Vailiam 3dT.ri.n Campbell, Mar. 12,1936. m. Apr.12,1958, Elizabeth Mitchell, 4/ 3, 19 38 

a. Dale Eaymond Campbell, Dec. 15,1958 

b. Bruce David Campbell, Feb.l6,1960 

c. Thersa lee Campbell, Nov. 1962. 

2. Ellen Bernice Campbell, June 7,1939. n. Nov. 12,1958, Vaughn Edward Brand, 9/8,193"; 

a. Joyce Lynn Brand, Sept. 20,1959 

b. Judith Karstin Brand, Dec. 3.1960 

c. John Wesley Srand, May 27,1965. 

C. Leslie Douglas Wilde, May 2,1906. m. Edna Fogel Berg. 

m.2nd. Cheiyl b. Aug. 30, Lives at Planada, eal. No children. 

D. Stanley Albert V/ilde, Dec. 5,1903. m. Isabel Dorothy Hay, June 3,1912. 

I.Dorothy Ellen Wilde, July 15,1947. 
2. Cheryl Lynn Wilde, Oct. 31,1952. 

E. Winifred Ameiia Wilde, June 16,1917, Foam Lake, Sask. Can. 

m. Clifur Bildfell, July 22,1908. Father's name Gisli Bildfell.Oct.ll, Iceland. 

1. Carolle Etta Bildfell, i;ov.8,1939. Foam j^ake, M. July 7,1962 Jack Brown. 

2. Robert Olifur Bildfell, Oct. 23,19^2 " " , m. Sept.18, I965 Donelda Freed. 

3. Sidney Ciair Bildfell, June 24, 1948, " " , m. May 9,1970 Catherine Mary Lund. 

4. Charlene Hazel Bildfell, ^uly 10,1950, " " , m. Feb. 15,1969 Allen Pakochy. 

Wilde Family Gcncal---:;:-! pap;e 2. 

VI. Mary Crane Wilde,Jan. xC. 1GS5. St. Jean Baptists .Man. Can Died Nov 15.1937. 

m May 28.1906 to ELi Leason Kidd. 10 chilm-.r. .-:-^ no list Ox than yet. 
m Percy Do^as Wilde, Sept. 13. 1889. St. Jean BapL:<'tc Man. Car.. _ 

m Dec sT 1915 to Laura Bell Hull. 2nd wife .Annie ir_^ .Rogan) Glendinnxng. 
*A. Marian Wilde. July 30,1918'. (adopted) Vegreville. Alberta. Can. 
BB. Kathleen Margaret Wilde. Dec. 25.1922. ^^ ^^ 

C. George Douglas Wilde. Jan. 28. 1926. 

Mill Florence Matilda Wilde. Aug. 5, 1893, St. Jean.Baptiste, Man. Can. 

m Dec 2i| 1917, Calvin Neil Katheson. Aug. 20, 1888, Prince Edward Is. d. Sept.19,1961. 
* A Cecil Ernest Matheson,0ct.l2,19l8, Foam ^ke, m. Dec. 26,19^1 Noma Palljn. 

*1. Judy Claudia Matheson, Oct.9, 19^3, Victoria, B.C. m. July 1962 Robert Black. 

a. Calvin Black, Nov. 3,1964 

b. Brenda Black, Dec. 3,1966. .^ ,^, , „ ^ ,, ^ 

B. Raymond Windson Matheson, Sept. 2,1920. m. July 19,19^4 Betsy Haggert 

1, Carol Ann Ma the son, July 8.19^ 

2, Neil Matheson. 

3, Noinan Matheson 
k. fticky i-^atheson. 

C. Norman Edward Matheson. Jan. 25. 1923. m. Oct.l5.19'+5 Amy (Babe) Warn. 
1. Douglas Matheson. Aug. 19,1956 (adopted) 

D. Violet Muriel Matheson, Feb. 20. 1926, N. Battleford, Sask, Can. 
m. Jan. 9, 195^ Kenneth ???? divorced no children. 

n. n Kenneth Sheedy. 

1. Patricia Ray Sheedy, Aug. 21,1955 

2. Janet Elizabeth Sheedy, May,l6,1958 

3. Daphne Joanne Sheedy, May 30, I962 

k, Kenneth Gregory Sheedy, Dec. 17, 1964. 

Miriam (Carscallen) Crang asked in her book "Seven Generations of Carscallen* s" , 
if any one knew where Uncle Tommy's family, (the Wilde's) had moved in Western Ban. 

Arthur Carscallen wished he had the adress of Clair Wilde , his cousin, whom 
he had visited in probably 18^1 when they lived on the Red River across the border 
in Canada. 

Finally before he died he got the address from his sister Mary who had traced 
them. Wilde's were a long-lost family but they didn't know it. 

I would like everyone to let me know mistakes in dates or names and I will 
correct them in my book, then if I should have more copies printed they would be 
better. Also I could add more recent dates, etc. and names. 

I get 100 copies made for about 5 cents each but copies with photos cost more. 
When one gets 100 copies that would be cheaper then having them done on a copying 

This book is not copyrighted so anyone can copy or get it improved. If they 
should do so, please send me or my descendents a copy. 

These pages are free so if someone wants only certain pages just let me know 
and I will send them, till I run out of pages. 

In China Town, San Francisco, they have least trouble with teen-agers because they 
are taught RESPECT FOR ELDERS, if we could teach our children about their heritage, 
and have respect for the FAMILY NAME it would help. Probably children should be taught 
the good things about their families instead of so much fairy tales. People who 
write books often mention they heard so many stories from grandparents about families. 

hp-fr.^'^S™ J^S t'o™o"S are doing a good work in tracing geneAlngy and I would like to 
neip them and have them help me. Thank you all. 


Josephine (center), Kitty, 
and Edv:in Claire (right) in 
1881, Nnp.mee, Ont. , Canada, 

Florence (b. 1893) with her 
mother Ann Amelia, visiting 
at her Aunt Rachel's home in 
Toleao, Ohio. 

Right: Ann Amelia 
Phillips Wilde, 
Child may be 

Above: Thomas Wilde, 1847-1922, son of 
Catherine Carscallen, b. 1812, and of 
Andrew Wilde, Child may be Josephine. 

The Wilde family. Back row, Edwin Claire, 
Mary, and Kitty. Thomas and Ann Amelia are 
seated at sides. Percy is in canter front. 
Inset is probably Florence, the youngest. 




Najiie of a srnnll book published by Krs. J.G.Cranc, Rougelyn Wood, R.R.I, 
Arincourt, Cntcirio, Canada. (J- 5. CO each. Only ancestors, "iar records. 
.Arthur had a good deal of this years ago, but she has much wore. 

Ed-.^ard Carscallen.born 1?25 in northern Ireland and died in IS03 in Cnt. Canada. 
1/lien he was not a soldier in ^inerick, Ireland, he v:as a linen v;eaver. f^e Married 
Sliaaoeth in 175'-^. Ker nmae spelled with s. Their first child John was born in Liraerick, 
but all the others in New York City. They lived in Mev; York from I756- 17?0, somewhere 
near 3roadv;ay and VJall street. Their sons may have attended Kind's Collece, now 
Columbia University. Fouiided in 175^1-, held classes in Ti^inity GhucSh school house, 
near vrhere the family lived. There 7 children as follows. ^•oi:\32\ numerals. 
I. John ,.\ug. 175^+. d.lS28 in Can. m. Ssther Eraser in 178^+. They had 10 children. 
II.J?jnes,Dec.3,175(^. d. iSloJredrickburg.Ont. Can. m. Catherihe Long inlSOO. 

III. Elizabeth, ^uly 6,1758 - July 1:^,1782 age Zk, 

IV. Luke, 1761. Died Dec. I8I6 in Can. m. I786 .Abigail or I'abby Erisco, 176^1-185^. 
Slis lived to be 89 and core 12 children, from whom Arthur Carscallen is descended. 
The father, Edward and all his sons were Tories and escaped into San. after the Battle 
of Saratoga ai:id left their 1,000 acres of flax fields north of Mei-r York city on the 
border of Vermont. This i:as confi3-.cated,but the Caaiadian gov't gave them all over 
1,000 acres 01 land, a logging camp,v:hich grew into the city of Toronto. They were 
"oioneers and j.iving vjas veiy primitive at first, especia-lly to I'abby who v;as used to servants 
*1. Edward, 17Sc-l8l3 2. John,17G3.. 3. Ruth, 1790. ^. Isaac, 179 2-1870. m. 3 times, 

first to Hester Shorey. They had ii- children, but the youngest Isaac Newtnn, 1323-1912 
narriod his cousin, Ann Jsme l'Iilde,18^WD-1925. They had 5 children, Andrev.-, 1853-19^ » 
Ztta,lo66-1903. Morley,l368-1929. Stanley,l876-19'l-3. Charles.iaissionary to China. 
Th.ese spent years gathei'lng raaterial for the book and their daughters finally got 
it -cuclished.Sula and "irisioi.Crang. 

5. Elizabeth, 179''>- 6. Ja:-p-es,1796- 7. -Ama, 1798-1805. Benjamin, 1800- 9. Thoraas,1802- 
10. C-eorge,l30ii- ll.jirchibald Hawley,1807- and last, 12 Luke Craig, 1809-1830 m. 
I'ittjr Dellor and had 11 children, listed here. Later he M.Catherine Smbuiy. 

A. Abigail.d yonng. B. CvXRCtE BDW;IRD C.T.SCALLB::,l3itir._i909 m. OIl^BLIA PHILLIPS. 

C. Elizabeth, D. /jnelia. E. Catherine or Kate. F. Luke. G. Given^'^r Gib. 

H. Arthur. I. Dr. Alvln Carscallen, Winnipeg, Can. J. and K. boys died-i^ver. 

V.George, 1763-1331. m. "lizabeth Fmpey in IS06 when he was k3. He took care of his mother 
till she died. He had a ver^'" large library. They had 5 children. :i]d'.."ard,l807, Elisabeth, 1809 . 
I'ancy,lolO. Catherine Hill Carscallen, lSl2^Sept.27.- LIar3slGl7-l3tffi, next year. 

" " " married Andrev; Wilde from Queens County, Ireland. They had 
■'aio children, Arm Jaiie Wilde, 13'>0- I925 \^ao m. her cosuin Isaac I". Carscallen. 
Thomas ?1obert v;ilde,Dec.27,lG''J-7 - Oct. 1^,1922 m. Ann Ajaslla Phillips, IG5O- 
sistcr ox OH.DELlA PHILLIPS. They kept moving father west _into Can. till th.o f^Jiilies 
lost trac/c of them, but finally Ilary Grahaj-n traced them. Their children are on another 

VI. laward Carsccllcn, 0ct.9,17'O' -::ov.2/l-,1766 an infajit. 
III. Arm Carscallen, 1767. m. William IIcGoi-cuodale Bell. 

The Tories iTlecing into Canada from United States were given the United anpirc 
Loyalists or U.E.L. and it was considefred quite an honor to be descended from one 
those. The Carsoallens were officers.- in armies in Cc:nada. They needed to sell off 
portions of their land to get :aoney to live on. The heirs kept selling off land so 
nm: no Carscallen owns any of the oi'iginal land given to then in Canada. They are .-. 
scattered to many places and states. Any Carscallen now will likely be descended 
from someone above. It is an uncomimon name though there are variations in spjalling. 




All taken in Canada except the two large photos. 

G. E. Carscallen 

Ordelia Phillips 
Descendant from 
Roger Williams, 
founder of Rhode 
Island. His d. 
Mary m. John Sayles, 
whose great grand- 
daughter m. Elijah 

Ordelia with Mary's son Ray Graham. 1912-Montana. 

Arthur & Mable 

Arthur's baby photo 

Arthur, George, Amos, Mary, Ordelia and Mable in N. Dakota. 



At Left: 

Arthur in Africa-1906. 

At Left, Below: 
Helen and Arthur, 
1907, in Africa. 


Harry, born 1908-Africa. 

Photo taken in Glasgow, 

At Left: 

Harry's son, Donald, in 

Los Angeles. 

Anita, George and Arthur. 
Passport photo for Ethiopia, 
call cancelled in 1924. 


George, born 1913 

in Scotland. Photo 

taken in Glasgow, 





Arthur A. Carscallon (1879-196^0 was born in Canada but spent hie childhood 
on a Noirth Dakota farm where he gained practical experience in blackaai thing, 
carpentry, and other mechanical work. This training was invaluable to him later 
in the mission fields where he worked. Beyond grade school, he received his 
education at the North Dakota Bible Institute (1899-1900), Union College in Nebraska 
(1900-1901), and the Seventh-day Adventist college in England (190^1906). 

Carscallen became an Adventist alons. with his parents in his early toens. 
Because he was so successful at selling religious books, ho v:as asked to go to 
the British Isles in 1902 to do this work. He helped with evangelistic meetings 
and sold books in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. 

In 1906 he was asked to go to British East Africa to start the first Adventist 
mission there. He accepted at once and was ordained as a minister. He arranged 
that his fiaTicee, Helen Bruce Thomson, should come out from Scotland with another 
missionary couple the following year. They were married in Mombasa on July 2?, 190? , 

Beginning vrork with the Luo people, he compiled the first dictionary and 
grammar of the Luo language. His translation of the book of Matthew, published 
by the British and Foreign Bible Society, was the first translation of any pajrt 
of the Bible by an Adventist to be accepted by them. 

Between I906 and 1920, several mission stations were established along the 
eastern shore of Lake Victoria under Carscallen' s direction. Other missionaries 
came out to assist. His first son, Hanry, was born in Africa in I9O8 and his second 
son, George, was bom in Scotland in 1913. 

Returning fron furlough in 1913 » he brought a anall printing press and set 
\xp a printshop at Gendia, Kenya, That small printshop was the beginning of the 
East African Publishing House, which now publishes in seven languages and serves 
many countries of Africa, Annually it publishes thousands of dollars worth of books, 
magazines, and pamphlets, and recent publications include full color illustrations. 

The Carscallen family returned in 1921 to the United States, where his wife 
died that year in Oregon, During the next few years Carscallen was a pastor in 
Oregon, North Dat:ota, and Minnesota, He married Anita Johnson on September 10, 
1924, in North Dakota. He pioneered radio ^-rork in Fargo, North Dakota, in 1927, 
as the first Adventist pastor on the radio in that state. 

Pastor Carscallen was asked to go to British Guiana in 1931 to be conference 
president and supervise the Adventist work in British, Dutch, and French Guiana. 
He gladly accepted and went to that country with his wife Anita and four anall 
daughters in November, 1931. Two young men had been holding meetings and had a 
baptismal class of ^0 persons in Georgetown. The small ancient church in that 
town had to be demolished and replaced with a larger new one \inder Carscallen' s 
leadership. During his tarn as conference president, he did a great deal of 
traveling in the three Quianas. After a six-month i\irlough in 1936, he went 
into the interior of British Guiana to work for the Indians in the jungle. He 
spent four years with these Indians, establishing a new mission, supervising two 
older stations, and especially working on a dictionary and grammar. 

Pastor Carscallen returned to the United States in 19^2 and retired in 
California. After a stroke in 1962, he fell and broke his hip in 196^ and passed 
away a vfeek later, on January 26, 196^. 


Anita Mildred Johnson, also called Annie or Annetta, was born February 7, 1899. 
Sho took a trip in 1909 with parents to see the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition in 
Seattle, V/ash. , when they visited many relatives in Bellinghan, Wash« and Canada. At 
ten she won first prize for raising the best corn among school children in Nelson Go.fF 
At fifteen, she won many prizes at the Fargo State Fair for drav/ings, paintings, sewing, 
and mending. She taught school for five years. She went to Art School in Minneapolis 
for one year and received honorable mention for original design. 

She married Arthur Carscallen, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, on Sept. 10, 192';. 
They went as missionaries to British Guiana (now Guyana) in November, 1931. with four 
children, including tx^dn babies one month old. Elder Carscallen was president of 
the three Guianas until 1936, when they went back to America on furlough. Then they 
returned to the jungles of British Guiana (1937 to 19^1). The family lived at La 
Sierra, near Riverside, California, from 19^2 to 1952, where the four daughters 
attended La Sierra College. Elder Carscallen passed ax'fay on January 26, 1964. 

Anita enjoyed teaching the Indians because they were so anxious to learn, although 
English was a foreign language to them. Her years of experience, beyond teaching in 
North Dakota, included teaching her own daughters, jungle Indians, retarded girls who 
were classified as non- teachable, and adult foreigners from Korea, Brazil, and other 
countries. In teaching reading she felt that phonics, or sounding out and spelling 
the words, was the secret of s^access. She stated that there woiild never be failures 
in reading if children were taught to spell many words a day, beginning in kindergarten 
with one word a day, written in large capital letters, 

A. Muriel Oradelle Carscallen, Dec. 2, 1926, Fargo, N. Dak. She graduated from 
La Sierra College in 19^. She taught church school in North Dakota and in 
California. She married Irwin Lester Broxm (b. Sept, 8, 1923). on June 7. 

1952. He works for the Navy at San Nicolas Island, and they live at Thousan 
Oaks, California. 

1. Bruce Robert Brown, May 27, 195^* Riverside, 

2, Barbara Ann Brown, Jan. 17, 1956* Loma Linda Ssjiitariun, 

B. Leona June Carscallen, Dec. 5, 1930, Duluth, Minn. After finishing college, 
she did secretarial work in Loma Linda and in our church headquarters in 
Washington, D.C. Married Sept. 4, 1962, in Pasadena, Calif., to Dr. Roy 
Vincent Berglund, b. July 4, 1922, in Seattle, V/ash. He is in general 
practice in Lancaster, Calif. They spent the summer of 1972 in Ceylon, 
where he helped at our mission hospital. 

1. David Jeffrey Berglund, Dec. 11, 1963« Glendale Sanitarixim. 

2. John Douglas Berglund, Nov. I5, I965. Lakewood, Calif. 

C. Vivian Margaret Carscallen (tiidn), Oct. 14, 1931. Lakeview Farm, near Tolna, 
N. Dak. She took nursing at Loma Linda and became a registered nurse in 

1953. Married June 14, 1954, in the Loma Linda church to Howard Dewey 
Hudgins, b. April 15-. 1931. They live in Keene, Texas. 

1. Joanne Margaret Hudgins, June 7. 1955. Loma Linda Sanitarium. 

2. Keith Allen Hudgins, Aug. 23, 1956, Loma Linda Sanitarium. 

3. Karen Elaine Hudgins, Oct. 3I, 1957. Loma Linda Sanitarium, 

4. Kenneth Dean Hudgins, April 27, 1959. Sacramento, California, 

5. James Edward Hudgins, Sept. 5. 1963, Fontana, California. 

6. Vivienne Maureen Hudgins, Oct. 23, I967, Cleburne, Texas. 

D. Viola Mildred Carscallen (twin), Oct. 14, 1931, Lakeview Farm, near Tolna, 
N. Dak. Married June 9. 1952, in La Sierra Chapel to Arthur F. Bell, b, 
Jan. 22, 1931. in Tucumcari, New Mexico. He taught church school in Calif om:. 
Havfaii, and is now planning to go to Thailand, a 

1. Patricia Ann Bell, April 21, 1953. Loma Linda Sanitarium, f 

2. Arthur Clifford Bell, July 13, 1955, Loma Linda Sanitarium, 

3. Susanna Elaine Bell, April 10, 1957, Loma Linda Sanitarium, 




An American built home in Georgetown. Notice our 
belongings brought up on 2 donkey carts in 1931- 

January 1932 Twins Viola and 
Vivian about 3 months old. Anita, 
Muriel and Leona. 

Viola and Vivian, age two, Prize winning photo $5- in Healthy 
Babies in Guiana. Many babies of all races won prizes, Negroes, 
Chinese, East Indians, and Aborginial Indians. 1933 

In the jungles Indian school. 
Stanley, Lucille, Minki, and 
Marjorie, first ones to read 
through 10 books. 1939 










age 22, 







Muriel, Anita, Leona, Viola, Vivian, 1938. 

Anita's 70th Birthday, Calif. 

1954-Arthur, Leona, Vivian, Viola, Muriel, and Anita. 

Arthur, past 70 years old. 



Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Brown, 1623 El Verano Drive, Thousand Oaks, California. 
Irwin works for the Government on an island, leaving from Point Magu, each 
Monday and returning on Friday. They bought a lovely large home there with 
intercom, fireplace, electric stove, etc. 

Muriel Carscallen 
age 2, Minneapolis, 

Muriel age 19, attending 
LaSierra College, near 
Riverside, California. 

Muriel and Irwin married 
by her father. Leona and 
Art Bell as witnesses. 

Barbara Brown, in Newbury 
Park, which is a suburb of 
Thousand Oaks. 

Muriel and Irwin's family 
photo taken at Riverside. 

Bruce Brown, over 6 feet 
tali. They both attend 
Newbury Park Academy. 






^j ^^k-ivi/g^^ir^vv:^:^^ 



-- <vl 



759 Wast ^Tenua H-12, Lancastar, Calif. 935iu 
Decambar, 1972 

Daar Frianeis, 

This has been the "moringast" year erar for 
the Berglundsl In fact, wa ha ran 't finished 
moTing since we packed and stored some of our 
things in RiTerside last May. 

We spent the samner in Ceylon, now officially 
named Sri Lanka. Roy went to our Serent'i-da/ 
Adrentisl hcipitaj. there as a relief doctor. We 
traTeled by way cf Hswaii, Japan, Hong Kong, and 
Singapore, and returned by way of Lebanon, Egypt, 
and Europe, thus ratting a complete circie. We 
spent a few days in Hawaii Tisiting ny sister, 
Viola Ball, and her husband Arte 

We were glad tc get acquainted with the good 
Christian people in Ceylon. The mission hospital 
offers exiBBiient Radical care, although supplies 
and equipnent »tq hardly adequate. The nissicn 
school at Lakpahana, where we xiT«d, has such a 
good reputation that aany Baddhiat parents send their children there. We met two sturdy 
young «en v*io were expelled from their local high school for becoming Adrentlsts, though 
they held important offices in the student association and youth groups. They and their 
Buddhist parents were greatly relieTad that they could attend school at ^-akpahanso 

There were only two American families on the ataff 
at Laicpahana, Mr. and Mrs. Brooke Sadler and Pastor 
and Mrs. 7ern Hyland. Our boys enjoyed playing with 
their children and with the students at school. All 
the staff of the school and hospital in Kancty ware as 
good to us as if we had been long-lost relatives. 

Roy and Leons Barglund, Darid (back) 
age 8, and John (canter) age 6. 

Roy and John beside the ambulance 
in front of Lakeside Medical Center. 

. 1^ I 

The staff of Lakeside. 

John is riding Lucky, tha school pony. Stephen Hyland 
and Pam Sadler are at far left. Kerin Sadler and DarLd 
are at center. Mr. Joseph, estate manager, superriaes. 
Most boys wear short pants, but one at right has a sarong. 


Below: The administration building at our Mission school. W« will always reaeaber tha ] 

Behind the concreta sign are Patty Hyland, Pat Sail»r good friends we nade in Ceylon, 

(holding baby and parasol), DaTid (sitting), Stephen H., I only wish we could hare stayed 'i 

Leona ^rglund, Kerin and Fa« Sadler (sitting), and John, there longer. Il 

Our trip hone was naiiorabj^ ||j 
too. We Tisited mission stations 
in India and Lebanon. We saw an >i 
international fair in Damascus. ! 
At Oairo, we visited the famous 
museum and rode camels around to 
see the SfMox and pyramids. We J 
eren crawled up the tunnel inside 1 1 
the Great Pyramid of Cheops. '\ 

In Athens, we especially 
enjoyed risiting Mars Hill and J 
seeing the plaque of the sermon I 
Paul preached there. We also did ' ' 
the usual sightseeing, as in Rome/.il 
GeRera, Amsterdam, Paris, and j 
Copenhagen. We did try to find ; 
things of interest to the boys, 
such as the Rhinefalls (biggest ' 
waterfall in central Europe), 
the raft Kon-Tiki in Oslo, Nomay.f 
and Legoland, in Denmark. They ) 
lilced Legoland better than any other place, although they seemed quite interested in some j 
of the museums in London and Paris. Of course, they were fascinated with places to climb, j 
sirh as the Eiffel Tower, tl* Statue of Liberty, and the Washin^rton Monument. They also ^ 

enjoyed watching tha changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and at the Tomb of the 
Unknown Soldier at our national cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. 

I was glad to see old friends at the General Conference of Serenth-day Adrentists, 
where I worked for three years, in Washington, D. C. Also, I was glad to risit my sister 
Virian Hudgins and her family at Keene, Texas, just before returning to California. 

Roy is enjoying his work with a group of Adrentist doctors 
here in Lancaster. He likes 
the fresh, clean air here on 
the high desert. I thought 
it would be hot here, but it 
is snowing rig)it now, and it 
certainly didn't snow in La 
Sierra all the time I lired 
there. The boys are thrilled 
to see the snow and are hoping 
to hare their first white Christ- 
mas this year. 

We are grateful to the Lord 
for His care on our trarels and 
His many blessings. May His 
blessings go ^th you also for 
the coming year. 

With best wishes, from 


John, Roy, and DaTid at 
the Wall of the Reforma- 
tion, in Genera. 

The Berglunds 

Darid, Leona, John, and ^ 
Roy at Pompeii. In the W 
background is Mt. Vesurius. 


^C^OJ^/'tjVf^ ''-^^ ^^rz 



Vivian Carscallen at Loma Linda. 

Back row; Keich, Joanne and Kenneth. 
Front; James, Howard, Vivian, Maureen and Karen. 

Elder and Mrs. A. A. Carscallen, Vivian, Howard and Mr. & Mrs. Hudgins 



/ / /) 17//, 

Arthur F. Bell 

Wedding La Sierra, 1952. 

Clifford and Patricia. 

Arthur, Sue, Clifford, Patricia and Viola Bell. Family in 1963 
In 1970, Art is principal of Kailua Church School in Hawaii. 





On Aug. 17, 1975 at 8:30 A.M. 
Patricia Ann Bell and Richard Current 
were married outdoors, near to nature, 
over looking Boulder, Colorado, by 
Elder Art Bell from Bangkok, Thailand. 

In back: Elder Art Bell, Richard, 

Neilan Current and his father. 

Viola Bell, Patsy, Jean Current, 

Grandma Phyllis Current, Mable Pickett. 

Jean's mother from Nebr. 

Viola's mother, Anita Carscallen, 
Art's mother, Lenore McPeake, Calif. 

Patsy and Richard cutting cake. 

Back row: Art Bell, Dr. Roy Berglund, Cliff Bell, Bruce Brown. 
Short Row: Irwin Brown, Keith Hudgins, Sue Bell, Leona Berglund. 

Muriel Brown, Viola Bell, Karen hudgins. Patsy, Richard, Ken, Vivian ?, Howard Hudgins. 
David § John Berglund, Anita Carscallen, Maureen Hudgins S James Hudgins. 

Fern and Mary (Carscallen) Graham's Family 


Mary, Fern and Ray Graham 

Mary Lou, Mary, Ray 
June, Fern, Rita, & Linda. 

% i i 

Walter Slier' s Family 
Carole, Richard, Mary Lou, Bruce & Marita 

School Days S5-S6 

Vickie Baker 
June's only child. 



o or more now. 

1ST. Edward Carscallen, I725-I8O3. LinuBcrick, Ireland.m. Elisabeth d. 1817N. Y. & Can. 

2nd. Fourth son Luke, I76I-I8I6, New ^ork. m. Abiigail or Babby Brisco, 176'lul854. Ont. Can, 

3rd. Twelth child, Luke Craig Carscallen, 1809-1880. m. Kitty Deitci^ad 11 children. 

^th. Second child, George Edward Carscallen, 184^4- 1909. m. Ordelia Phillips on Apr 12,1876 
Belleville, Ont. Can. She was bom Mar.10,1847 near loughboro Ont. Can. Died Sept. 30, 
1932, Fort Benton, Mont. George was a good carpneter, blacksmith and farmer. As he 
wanted more land he moved his family to WalJialla,N.Dak. and took up a homestead in 1881, 
Later he moved to Osnabrock, ^ere he died in 1909, but he is buried at Wsihalla near 
his two daughters, Mabel and firtel. 5 children are Mabel, Arthur, Amos, ^"'^ry & Ertel. 

5th. I.Mable Kitty Lucy Carscallen, Nov. 30,1877, Napanee, Ont. Can. died May22,l895. 

II. Arthur Asa Granville " ,Mar. 30,1879 " " " d. Jan. 26,1964, Arlinton,Ca, 

III. Amos Bradway Carscallen, June 27,l882,Waiaialla, N.Bak. d. Dec 4,1930,Colfax,Wash. 

See other pages for Arthur's and Amos' children. 
IV .Mary Amelia Carscallen, Feb. 8, 1884, Walhalla, N.D. d. Apr. 4,1968, Beaumont, Calif. 
She taught school. Married July 3,1910 at Valley City camp meeting to Fern Richard 
Graham, b. Mar. 2,1881. Saginaw, Mich. d. Jan, 25,1947, Beaumont, Calif. 
He fanned in N.D. and Mont. Had a garage in Eugene, Ore. Worked in sawmills. 
Had a restaurant in Los Angeles. Finally retired in Beaumont, Calif. 
6th. A. Ray Sterling Grahan, Apr.15,1911, Carter, Mont. d. Aug. 19, 1959, Mont. 

m. Anna Marie Hagen, Jan. 1,1905 
7th generation. 1. Mary Louise Graham, Aug. 12,1936, Fort Benton, Mont. 

m. July 3tl954 to Walter Agee Siler, Nov. 22,1929. 
8th generation. a. Bruce Graham Siler, Jan. 16, I956 

b. Carole Jean Siler, Dec. 26,1958 

c. Richard george Siler, Sept. 11,1959 

d. Marita Ann Siler, Mar. 25,1961 

2. Linda Lee Graham, May28,1939 

m. Mar. 7,195^ to William S. Crestmore, May8,1932 Divorced, 
a. William Sterling Crestmore, Dec. 24,1954 
b.Cherrie Marie Crestmore, May 17,1955 
c. Stewart Blenn Crestmore, Oct, 3,1957 
d.Kim Elaine Crestmore, Oct. 13,1959 

3. Rite Rae Graham, Apr. 22,1939 

m. July 2, 1956 to John Earl Stevens, Aug 19,1935 

a. John Ray Stevens, Apr. 21,1957 

b. Lawerence Arnold Ste0ens,July 31.1958 

c. Glen Albert Stevens, Feb. 11,1960 

d. Kari Lee Stevens, Nov. 10,1961 

e. Valida Marie Stevens, May 16, I963 

B. Ordelia June Graham, Mayll, L919 . Carter, Mont, 
m. (Dick) Richard Baker, a salesman. Divorced, 
m. Bert Halifield. They had a store at Gacfield, Wash, 
1, Vicki Lillian Baker, Mar. 2, 1947, Beaumont, Calif, 

m. Mar. 28,1965 at San Bernardino, Calif, to Charles Williams, 
a, James Williams, 

V. Erte]Welia Carscallen, Oct. 27,1887, Walkalla, N.Dak, 
Died an infant, Aug, 8, 1888 ,Walhalla, N,Dak, 

Fern Graham's mother's sister»Bessie manried John Shaw and they were missionaries 
in India for some years. Later he became treasurer of the General Conference of Seventh- 
day Adventists in Washington, D.C. for many years. He died in Loma Linda, Calif. 


AMOS BRADWAY CARSCALLEN, June 2?, 1882, Walhalla, N.Dak. d. Dec. 4,1930, Colfax Wash. 
■. Jan.3,1905, Cando N.D. to Maude Sarah Graham, Sept. 27,1879, Saginaw, Mich. 9 children, 
*I, Alvin Leland Carscallen, Oct. 12, 1905.Rocklake, N.Dak, d. 1955, Potlatch, Idaho. 
■ June 18,1934 at St. Mary, Idaho to Dorothy Irene Parnell, May25, 1919. 
'a. DeMaris Kay Carscallen, Feb. 26,1941. B. Dallas Merle Carsaallen, Apr. 4,1945. | 
II. Waiter Vem Carscallen, Nov.l4,1906, Calvin, N.Dak. He with his brothers owned a sawiill, 
■.Mar. 1^^1945, Jennie Lois Koth, Mar. 14,1925, S. Carolina, A teacher. 

A. Walter Vem Carscallen, Jr. Jan. 6, 1946, Spokane,Wash. m. Aug. 13,1967 

Linda Mae Finkbiner, at Walla Walla College Campus Chapel, College Place, Wash. 

B. Nelle Ann Carscallen, Nov. 20, 1947, Moscow, Id. m. Dec. 23. James lee Corneilson. 

C. Jane Lois Carscallen, Sept. 8,1950, m, Sept. 20,1972, John Steven Lawson. 

D. Carey Charles Carscallen, Apr,13.1952, He went out as Student Missionary to 
Zambia, Africa . fte got his father and mother to come out to help with building. 

ni.Alford Bert Carscallen, July 2,1908, Rocklake, N.D. 6. Sept. 19, 1922, Eugene, Ore, 

IV. Merle George " Oct, 7,1910, Marmouth, N.Dak. d. Nov. 9, 1936, Potlatch, Idaho. 

V. (Bill) Wilmer Arthur Carscallen, Nov. 16, Marmouth, N.D. m. May 12,1934 at Spokane, 
Wash, to Louise Katzenburger, Jan. 22,1913. 

A. Betty Louise Carscallen, Feb. 17,1935. Potlatch, Id. ra. Donald A Nagle, 

B. Janice Elaine ", Feb. 9, 1939 Potlatch, Id. m. Donovan Palmer. 

l.Denise Marie Palmer, «pr.30,1957. 2. Brad-ley Scott Palmer, May 10,1959. 
3& 4. Twins. Laurie Kaye & Lorraine Raye Palmer, June 7,1963. 

C. Arthur Bytron Carscallen, Sept. 13,1934. Potlatch, Id. Died. 

D. Rodrick Carl ",Jan.28, 1946,Moscow, Id. m. June 2, Marilyn Fiscus, Jan. 26. 

I.Daniel Byron Carscallen, Nov. 8,1968. 2. Toby John Carscallqn, July 21,1971, 

VI. Leona Mae Carscallen, July 29, 1913, Carter i'lont. m. Dec. 13, 1938 at Moscow, Id. to 
Roy Berthold Johnson, Oct. 9,1907. She had a store in Garfield, Wash. 

A. Laveme Albin Johnson, Nov. 14, 1939, Potlatch, Id. d. Mar. 7, 1946. 

B. Sondra Lee Johnson, Dec. 4, 1940, Potlatch, Id. m. Joseph L. Aldegarie, Pasadena. 

1. Julie Ann Aldegarie, June 23, 1968. 2. Judy Kay Aldegarie, Mar.1,1970. 

C. Bruce Maynard Johnson, Jan. 16,1943, Potlatch, Id. m. Oct. 3,1964, Norma Lee Bruce. 
l.Janell Christine Johnson, July 29,1966. * 

2. Janet Diane Johnson, Aug, 4,1968. J. Adam Bruce Johnson, Apr,30,1971. 
D.Edgar Bradway Johnson, Sept. 17,1944, Garfield, Wash. 

E. Royce Wayne Johnson, Sept.17,1945, Colfax,Wash. F. Nancy Kay Johnson, Feb. 14,1957, 
VH. Mable Aleen Carscallen, Aug. i4,19l6. Carter Mont, m. Oct. 18,1937, Irwin May, 9/7,1915 

A. Joyce Loraine May, May 20, 1938, Moscow, Id. m. Sept. 21,1957 Jack Wayne Russell, 

1. Corine iynn Russell, July 7,1958, Spokane, Wash, 

2. Carla Ann Russell, Sept, 19,1959, Spokane, Wash, 

3. Alton Wayne Russell, Apr. 10,1961, Boys town, Texas, 

B. Donald Leroy May, Mar. 18, 1940, Moscow, Id. 

VIII. Ruth Carscallen, Apr. 16,1918, Carter Mont. m. Sept, 11, 1937, at Spokane, Wash, 
to Harold Wilson King, Apr. 6,1913. 
A. Gayle Marian King, Feb. 21,1938, Moscow, Id. m. Dec. 19,1958, Earl E Owen. 

1. Earl Wayne Owen, Apr. 12, i960. 

2. Edward Blenn Owen, Sept. 11,1961. 

B. Merle Wilson King, Aug. 2,1946, Moscow Id. Injured in accident. 

m. Connie (Adoptecp Christine Marie King, June 12,1968. 

U. Robert Bradway Carscallen, June 21,1921, Highwood, Mont. d. Aug. 28, 1954, Potlatch. 
World War II soldier, driving big machines in France. m. Virginia Katzdem. 
A. Joanne Carscallen. B. Larry Lee Carscallen, Oct, 24,1950, 

C, Julie Ruth Carscallen, Dec, 4, 1951. 

D. Michael Bradway Carscallen, 


Amos and Maude ((Sraham) Carscallen's Family 

Fern and Maude Graham 

Sorry, Maude got cut off here. 

To the left : Gecrge and 
Ordelia Carscallen with son 
Amos and daughter Mary. 1904. 
Arthur wa? in England. 

Amos and Maude. 1905 



The little 
girl in the 
middle is 




Bill Carscallen's children. 
Janice, Bryon, Betty, & Rodrick. 

Alvin, T,eona, Maude, & Bill 
Came ^or Fern's funeral, 19A7. 

Donovan & Janice Palmer's Family 
I'^^y Denlce, Luanne, Laurie & Bradley 


Allen and Edith Johnson's Family, Qranlte Falls, Minn. 

Erland or Allen Johnson wasbom April 23,1865 at Vallby, Sweden. Died Mayl^,l863. 
He left Si-reden Nov.7,1882. Worked for awhile around 'Jranite,then got the fann, which 
he has imporoved for years. He kept buying more land for he wanted all his sons to 
be farmers. He married July , 22,1900, Edith Mae Broughton,born Mar. 17, 1877 at Minn. 
Falls. Her niiSoe, Mabel Sanson has been working out their genealogy. All their 
five children bom near Ql*anite Falls. 

I.Illmond Edgar Johnson, June 6,1901, Had polio, but was able to walk with braces, 
m. Apr,17,1930 to Olive Ross at St. Paul, Minn, divorced 193^. His mother brought 
up their 3 children. 

l.Luella Mae Johnson, June "^,1931, m. Oct, 9, 19^. Donald Skjefte, May 19,1921, 
A. Nancy Lu Skjefte, Nov. 18,19^. m. May3,1969 to Michael Whaylen,19^7. 
3. Ronald Wayne Skjefte, Aipr.27,1953 C Renee Edith Skjefte, Mar. 15, I960. 
2. Jean Eleanor Johnson, July 30,1932 . m. Feb. 20,1949,Delbert Mitchell, June 1923. 

A. Richard Delbert Mitchell, Sept. 30, 19''+9 
3. B. Mark Gene Mitchell, Dec. 6, 1955. C. Brenda Kay Mitchell, Mar. 15,1962. 
3. George Allen Johnson, flee. 1933. M. Sept 22,1957. m. Sept. 22,1957, Donna Olden 
A.Michael Johnson, Oct. 8, 1959. B. Lisa Johnson, July 2011962. 
II. Clair Francis Johnson, Jiily 30,1905. m. Feb. 14,1930 at Hudson Bay,V/is. Sbba 
Lindgren, Sept. 4,1907 at i'^almo Sweden. She enjoys returning to Sweden to visit 
relatives. She was librarian in J^^^pls. Clair was assessor in Mpls. for years. Wow 
that they are retired they can travel to Calif, or Fla. in winter. 

I, Everett Leonard Johnson, Jan, 14, 1931. Died Feb 2,1954 at Malrao, Sweden. 
He had mastered 8 languages & graduated from the U, of Minn. He was doing 
graduate work in Ijiternational Law at Lund U. in Sweden. 

2-.Corinne Elaine Johnson, Nov. 1,1935. m. Dec. 22,1956, Thomas Eugene Nyquist, 
from Mont. They spSnt years working in Africa. Now live at New Paltz, New York. 
A.Jonathan (iJon) Eugene l^quist,July 4,1948. 
B. Lynne Elaine Nyquist, Mar. 6,1960. 
3. Earl (Erland) Harry Johnson, Dec, 11, 1937, Mpls, >Iinn, m. Sept. 4,1965 Lucie 
Rom, Feb. 24,1942 at Etterbeck, Belguim. he worths for l^ockheed in Calif. 

III. Erland Marion Johnson,Mar, ''0,1908. ra. Nina Kvam, Feb. 2,1910, m.Mayl,1935. 
I.Lois Marie Johnson, Feb. 4,1936. m. Stanley Sumoski, Sept. 8, 193?. m.Oct.7,'6l. 

A.Cheiyl Marie Sumoski, July 5,1963. B. Robert Allen Sumoski, May 31,1966, 
2, Sharon Elizabeth Johnson, May 21, 1938. at Montevedio, Minn, 
m. Mar. 8,1958, David Cole, Jan. 21,1937 at Granite Falls, Mdnn. 
A. Todd Warreh Cole, Aug. 30,1958. B. Shellie Rae Cole, Mar, 9, I960, 
C, Charles Arthur Oole, Mar, 25,1964. 

3. Erma Elaine Johnson, Jan. 14,1940. m. Aug. 26,1962 in Alaska to David Jones. 
Divorced Sept. 4,1963. m. Nov. 24,196$, ^chard J. Corbitt, Sept. 28,1936, Utah. 

A.Susan Denise Jones, Feb. 8,1963. B. Shane Richard Carbitt, Dec. 4,1969. 

4. Lynn Erland Johnson, Feb. 9, 1944. m.July 31.1965 Karen Ann Skrukrud,Nov.l6,4^. 
A. Nicole Ann Johnson, July 21,1968 

IV. Jay Vem Johnson, Mar. 30, 1916. m.Mar.3,1943,Woodlake to Alma Henkel, Mar. 20,1918. 

1. Thedore Vern Johnson, Aug. 21,1944. m. June 18,1966, Susan Cathy Jensen, 
A, Matthew Allen Johnson, June 5 » 1968, 

2. Therol Jay Johnson, Oct. 16, 1947. 

3. Charlotte Esther "Johnson, Dec. 7, 1961. 

V. Helen Ruth Johnson, Jan. 26,1921. m. Apr, 11, 1943, Earl Howard Stueland,Aug 12,1913. 

I.Mary Ann Stueland, Jan. 22,1945, m.June 9,1967. Arthur Behr,Jr.Dec.l2,1949. 

A. Christine Maria Behr, Mar. 21,1938. B. Richard Alfred 3ehr,Aug.l2,1969. 

2. Douglas Earl Stueland, Apr. 12,1947. m. Feb. 24,1968, Sandra Kay Thompson, June 4S. 
A. Tamala Renee Stueland, May 8, 1971, Granite Falls, Fiinn. 

3. Carol LjTin Stueland, Mar.l2, 19^. m. Aug. 8, 1970, Gregory Hamlin, Apr. 13, 1950. 
4.Helen Lorraine Stueland, Aug. 12, 19 50. m. June 20,1970, Michael Loesch,Apr.48. 



Allen Johnson, born April 23, 1865, in Sweden. 

Back: EHmond, Eriand, Allen, Ed!th, Clair. 
In Front: Helen and Vern. 


Allen and Edith Johnson on their 
60th wedding anniversary, Allen 
Johnson age 95. 

Edith Mae Broughton, 
later Mrs. Allen Johnson. 


uoTq.t?.T9U3:? par 

uoTas:j:ou32 pu^ 
uctnojause oo- •uT.i-rj 's-in-.T 3aTu^.u-- 



































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• c- - 

l-'^ r-i 







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(— T 

r ' 

f^- o 

o o 

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o ^ 

C'^ r-! 

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c- ^; 

H .C C 

» o c 

-i:- -PH 

r-! MtH 

O ■.-! 

o ^; >j 

Q O C 

• -^ -• T-- 

;.1 en c 








, CO o 
-^i- iH o 
GN - 

; C^ r:' 

tJ "d '9. 

"• '^ -p 
Jh .■^ 

P, • CO 

r-l • 
C3 O 
^\ O 

«-• .-J 

S Eh 

i-i -P lA 
VO -H c■-^ 


C3 p' 

:- c 
^1 o 


O ■■ 



•H n 





: 1 c^ 

t; c j 

I- iH 'Ci 


r( r-; 

CA X o 

r— 1 

G\ O C\ 

CO "CJh 


r-l :' r-: 

-rH « 


o p- r-'A 


r-l .O rH 


.O H-- ,--.- 


O 07 C) 


i'^^. "t; f^H 


Edith Mae Broughten's Genealogy. 


She v;as born Msr. 17,1878, married July 2?., 1900 to .Allen Johnson, v:ho was born 
April 23,1865. She is the 22 nd Generation in this .^ene^/dogy. ^ 

This genealogy vras ^rorked out by Ma,vbelle ^^anson for the D..'wR. Sources: 
New England History and Genealot^y Register, Vol. 3?, pp. 293-300; Histoiy of Deerfield, 
Kass. ,Vol2,p.92; Hinnan's Early Settlers of Connecticut, p. 331; Tanner, •'"'•ecords, 
Wn. Tanner, '^r. , of S. Kin£;ston,R.I. and His Descendents, by George Tanner: From 
"Pioneers of Massachusetts," by G.H.Pope, p. 38^, Gen. Sketches and Early Settlers 
of V/est Sensbur^,'-, Conn,, 7.e\: England .^ind History. General Register. Vol. 13,0.53, 
I'ew Haven Recoi^ds; Broughton of Broughton, Fron supplement to History; of Delves 
and .Broughton Fainilies by Sir Brian Brouditon, v:hich c^oes back to Milliain the Conoueror 

22. Duke de Charantes, Crusader, Killed on return by Kin^ of France for Estate. 

21. Henry de Charante, 3rd Duke de Charante, took mne of Hazard on escape to Enrland. 

ilanor of Ingdeborne County, Devon, England. 
20.RSginald Hazard fron Bristol, took n^me fron estate. 'Jife- Foulkes. 
19. Haz,:.rd,1199,riei2;n of John at Derbyshire and Totts. 

15. John Hazard at County Totts. 

17. Willian Hazard, 1270 at KaTdssa. 

16. TriO:ias 1297 at Radcliffe, Co.ITotts. 

15. Phillip Hazard I3IO, Rysen Co. Hotts, Certified heir. 
lU. Thomas Hazard I376 
13. Thomas Hazard, 1^33 

12. Phillip Hazard, 15-53, Thonas Co. I'otts. 

11. vailiar.! Hazard, l£52, Radcliffe on Soar, 'Jife- Ellanor Sacheveradl, (father 
Henr;.'- Sacheverall.Escuire, Radcliffe Co. Hotts) "Hazards of R.I. p. 131. 
10. Robert Hazard, I663, Inniskillen, Irelsnd. jl 

9. Thonas Richard, T-afe - '■."sthian Loring. 
8. J -.cues Richards. 

7. Sai-iuel Richards, ri. it-10-l£89 to Hannah Iletcalf. died 2-13-1:^32. 
6. Jonah Richards, 2-15-1-02. died l':^i^9, Hsw Haven, Conn., -.rife - Man--. 
This is 5a:ie as 6th generation on other side. 

The ^rou^hten genealogy from three large Pedegree charts. 
Gathered by Kaybelle ^anson fron H.E. His. i General Register Vol.39 p. 300 
Colonial Fanilies U.S.A. by Mackenzie Vol.3,p591-620. N.Sng. fajnilies by Cutter 
Vol.'4-,p. 1705'''by Sir Brian S^oughten Delves. Strong Genealogy. 

This skips a generation or tv:o so can't be too accurate. Hotice the dates, 
b.-born d. -died n. -married 

1^.. Adam de Napton, Co. Warwick 

13'.'. Henrj'- de Hapten m. Mensland 

-"-'-, Roger Broughten 1271 Trofts, Charleston, Lord of 0roughten took name from Estate, '■. 

m. Julian de Charnes 
1--. Ely Broughten ( Reign of Edv;ard II) n. Margaret Bromley 
^-^', John Broughten I36C 
^ . Thomas Broughten m, l-lary Roos 

This v:as condensed from a great many long pedigree charts. There are lots of 
ch.inccs for rastrkes.csepcially in ccp^nn;: dates. 1 thinl: Maybellc H-nscn did 
the best she could. 


Swen Lindgren Kama Olsson 

1843-1905 1842-1917 

The progenitors of the Lindgren Family. 

The Lindgren Estate. 


By Ebba Llndg^'on Johnson 

Hanson-Lilja, wife unknown 
Mar. 23 > 1692 - April 23, 1753 

Jon Swen Manson-Lilja 
172li 1719-1785 

ra. Mama Jonaon 



Ola Gunnar Swonson Lilja 

i7ii9- nkk 

I8l6 m. Kristin^ Larsdtro 
1776 / 


Sk^no, thrf southarn part cf Sweden, 
was o;mc'd by iJenmark until th© Swsdea 
conquered it in 1776. 
The I-Isnson-Lilja family wora Danish 
subjects and vory wsalthy. They 
settled in the northern part cf 
Sk^ne, then mov«d to the southeastern 
part in 1692, 

Lassa Swen S^jenson LJlja Kjeratina 

1786 1795 

m. Anna Jensson 1781; m, 182!^ 



Nov. 18, 1777- 

Dac. 18, 1777 


Ola Jons 

1811-1881 1815 

m. Kidow Tyra 

ID, Eljana Larsdtr, 



Nov. 26,1809-1859 

m. Per Parsson 

Gunnar Swcnson Lilja 

1817 -1883 
m. 18[{2 Hlna Martenason 

Kama, b. SQpt.l7, 1821 

at Tomarp 
la. Anders Mattsson 

Had 5 chiidren 

Swen Lindgren, I8[j3-1905 
m. Kama Olson I81i2-1917 





Signa Nilson 


"Ebba LiTTdgren, I'^OT" 
m. Clsir Johnson 

Elin, Oct. 1, 1831 

to Fob. 2, 1952 
m. 1912, Erland Person 
Lived at Lannamb.llan 


Much of thft nbove information is copied from a Kenealogy chart made out long a^o 
by Swen Lindjran, I8[i3-1905. This Swen Lindgren of Linnesborg, Vallby, on 1,7 child of 
Gunnar Sv/ensson of Gunnarshng, took the name of Lindgren for himself and his descendgnts 
rather than carry on the old custom of adding; "son" to his father's name» or continue 
the Danish name "Lilja," For a sirail fe-2, one can go to a county official and ask to 
have his name changed. This is published in the newspaper, and if there are no objections, 
the new name goes down on the record. 

The landgren name soon became well known, since Swen Lindgren was a self-made 
lawyer, auotioneer, and founder of Vallby Ssrings ^ank, with its Retirement Security 
Division, providing for old age assistance health and death benefits. He served 
eventually as representative for tJie iiast Division of Skifne's Lefclslaturo. He was running 
for the second tenii i^nsn he died in 1905. Ho was survived by his wife, Kama Olson 
^daughter of Ola Andersson and sister of Jons Olson whose children all settled in the 
Unitod £tetG3, 01nf,Alio'>, Jo^nio, Perry juz Aa-ia . JohasoTJ for th-ay were Joss eons. 

After her mother's death vihan she was two years old, Ebba Lindgren made her home 
vflth her paternal ^randiiother , Kama Linds;rcr^ and her aunt, Elin Lindgren, who later 
married Srlsnd Porason. of Lunnamollan. He wss the nephew of Jcins Olson and Inj^rid 
Erlstidsdatter. E'bb.a etlended Lund University and studied to be a nurse. After her 
grandmother died, ahe continued to stay with her Aunt Elin until she left for the U.S.A. 
in 1929, 




Signe, Ebba's mother died. Ebba 
lived with her grandmother & 

Otto Lindgren, her father. 

Erlin Lindgren m. and Per 
Erlandson of LunnamoUan. 

Lunnamollan, or place with a mill, where grain was ground. This was 
quite an estate owned by Per Erlandson, the son of Ingrid Erlandson, 
who married Jons Olson. Here Ebba grew up, and loved her aunt as a 
mother, going back to Sweden to visit her. 


Clair and Ebba, 1930. 

Back Row/: Corrine, Everrett, Earl. 
Front Row: Ebba, Clair Johnson 





Mr. & Mrs. Erland Johnson 
Granite Falls 
L. to R. 

Front Erma Nina(Mrs. E. Johnson) Erland 
Back Lois Lynn Sharon 

Shellie Ray 


Todd Warren 

Charles Arthur 


Mr. & Mrs. David Cole 
Stony Run 

Mrs. Cole (nee Johnson) 






L. to R. 
3a ck 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Stueland 
Granite Falls 

Carol Lynn Douglas Earl Earl Stueland 
ielen Lorraine Mary Ann Helen Ruth ( Johnson) 

Mr. & Mrs. Art Behr Jr. 
Granite Falls 

L. to R. 

Mary Ann (Stueland) Behr 
Art Behr Jr. 
Christine Maria Richard Alfred 

HETKSRT A]T3 JE:;''!:: thatch:!^ 'S CHILDaSN 

?!2lB~aT TILITCI-IIii. vias born in Englpjid in 1G62. His brother vent to /i'rica and 
visited U.OiA. once, Herbert had two pieces of l?.nd neor Olaf and Perr:^ Jo^rnso-!, 
Ho nari-ied Dcnnie in lo90 and they liad tuo children. He died of T.E. or pneu.Tioi-.ia 
age 32) in loO^f-. 

JMUi JO::SBOTTir: vrasborn in Skane, S!-7eden,but left there Feb. 18,1335. She kept hous^ 
for her brother Olaf and later for brother ?erry. She learned to take the surna;";ie of 
her brot'ners and ohpji^cd her nanie to Jennie. 

To [;ive her children a ^ood education she bought a house in La:cota,I.',D. This v;as 
was the county seat of I'elson C-ount^/ , In suiMJ'iers she often took her tv,"o chil>^'.ren 
out to f'erry's and helped them xrith cannin?;,se-.;in2 $ cooking for hired men, for F'orry 
Irad so many children, "•."hen. Inez vrorked at F.ock Sprinf;:s, '.•'yoriin;:, she lived wltTx her 
and died there, Seot. 11,193-. -"^©r body vras shipped to Lakota for V;uriel. 

I. G'-SORC-Z THATCHZix, born Au£.'^,l891.^ He" graduated from the State University 
at Grand Foi-ks in electrical enjrineerin^. ■'-e TTorked for the Coppers United Electrical 
6o;ipany near St, Louis, k'issouri. He married I'argaret '.fetts. 

l.ILAKY JA-Tii; THATCH3?. born near St iouis,:-:0. n. Robert Joseph Heit'/.i.ian. 

A. DAVID nc-iirvr heitzi-iah e. geotxtE rig -pd heitz:-:ah.' 

They live ^t Gitrdiff, Calif. 
2. PATRICIA SLAIrlE THATC1I21, born June C, 192i|., Edi!ardsville,Ill. near St.Loui 
n. -luc.24,19^i-' to '/illis:^! Clayton :'cAllii;ter,born Rov.21,1924. 
He went to San Die^o State College and was in the Air Force Cadets. He 
graduated in 19^3. As they had sa'\/ed over $1,000, they traveled for 3 ^-''■>^ 
in U.S. and Caji, but liked Billings, Mont. best. Thej'" bought a j.ot and 
the tvro of then built their oi-m house. Sonietines relatives helped. It 
is a lovely house. They lived there from 19^-8-1959. They were sent to 
''ew Jersey and to Europe from 1959-I9o2, and rented their house. Eill 
noM is adninstrator at the Humble Oil Refinery in Hillings. They get 
oil from other states. 

A. LEE WILLIAI-I KcVLISTER.June 13,1950. He is finithin'^ colic e. 

B. HARY JAME KcALLISTER, Sect. 21,1955. Play bass violin in orchestra. 

C. AI-IY LYHH I-:cALLISTER,Se-t^3,1956. Flays piano and is in the band. 
II. IHEZ. THATCHER, born i:ar.S,1394. '-.'ent to Teacher's College and taught 

school. Later became a secretary, m. Seot. 3.1,1935 at Green River, V/'yo. 
to JohnGarett Stack, born Sept.9,lSSo. He died Sept. 11, 19^5, Rock. 
Springs, b'yo. 2nd ma"rriage Aug. IS, 19^7 at Butte, r'ont,to B.L.Chism., 
who ^-j-as born Feb. 27,1336 at Butte .Hont. 

Inez lived for some years at Tucson, Ariz, but moved back to Dillion,Hont. 
to be near her husband's children and gra,ndchildren. 


FRED DISSIIORE Vias born Aug. 30,1S:'6 in Boon, 111, Died July 13,19cl at Sidney, Hebr. 
Fred had a farm near Feri-j Johnson and his brother had the Dissmore Post Office and 
store. The mail cajne out every day from lakota v;hich was 20 miles away. The nej.ghbors 
appreciated this store and P.O. veiy much. In 1907 the Great Horthern Railroad put 
a brajich line from Fai-go to Devils ■'-'ake Citj'- and Tolna was built. Then Kr. Qis snore 
closed up and mo-vred awaj^. Fred went to Barlett and became grain inspector of an 
ele"/ator there. Later he had a store in k'alispell, I-Iont. 

AHHA J0HH30H was the youngest daughtei* of Jons Olson and born I-Iar.l6,lS73 near 
yallby,3kane, I^wcdcn, She left there Hov. 5,1391 to be with Jennie. She married 
p:'ed ^issr.orc and lived near lier brothers. Sb.e died Aug, l6, 1955 "-t Halispell,iIont. 

I. JCHH Diss: :ORE, Fib. 1397, Died Dec. 13, 196^4-, Sidney, Hebr. Buried Fort Snelling.Hinn. 
married Hargaret Cluff. 

A, COLE].'TE DIS3::0RE m. Rii-aiard Ilarush;.!;, urovo, 111. ^^ children. 

II. EAS-I DISS::ORE,::ar. 25,1901. m. Hilda Lund. 

He has jui electric shop at Kalispell.Mont. They have one daughter. 


Jennie and Herbert Thatcher 

George and Inez Thatcher 

George Thatcher 

Inez Thatcher 




Patricia Elaine Thatcher' 
to William 0. McAllister. 



Children of Patricia and William McAllister 
ore, left to right, Amy Lynn, Lee Williams, 
and Mary Jane McAllister, who live at 1234 
Lewis Ave., Billings, Montana 59102. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Heitzman, 
with David Robert and George Richard, 
living at Cardiff, California. 

Mary Jane Thatcher's Wedding 
to Robert Joseph Heitzman. 


Lived first at Dissmore Post Office, Barlett, N. Dakota. Then Kalispell, Montana 

^ « .-ry 


Anna Johnson married Fred Dissmore— North Dakota. 

Earl Dissmore, Kalispell, Montana. 

John Dissmore. 

John and Earl Dissmore, Barlett, N. Dakota. 

Anna Dissmore, Kalispell. 




Perry and Isabelle Johnson's Family. 

Per or Perry Johnson was born Jan. 27,186?" at Blastorp.near VallQr, Skane, Sweden. 
He died Aug ?4,19^ near Tolna, N.Dak. He left Sweden Feb. 10,1885. Worked out for 
awhile, took a homestead and named it"Blue ftountain Stock Fam'J 

His sister rfennie kept house for him for some years after her husband Herbert 
Thatcher died. Perry was a very quiet^ generous man who helped his widowed sister 
a great deal and she also helped him and his family. She would leave her home in 
Lakota and come in the summers, the busy seasons^aiid help with everything. She also 
did a lot of sewing for this big family. 

On Feb. 15, 1900 he married Isabelle Saunders, who was born June 20 1879 at Hyde, 
on the Isle of Wright, England. She came to the U.S. in 1881 and to Kelson County, 
in 1882 with her brothers. She had diabetes and died Dec 29,1932. 9 children. 

I. Elizabeth Beatrice Johnson, July 12,1902 - July 27,1950. Carried Feb. 181922, 
Harry Edward Williams, born Feb. 18,1896. 

1. Perry Glenn WiillaTna^Nov. 23,1925. m. Marlys June Engel.born Dec.lC,1931. 

A. Myron Perry Williams, Nov. 11, 19^ 

B. Lee Elton Williams, Mar. 31 i 1952 

C. Ross Edward Williams, Oct. 29,195^ 
DD. Pttri?;: jlsnn WillnT-in,/5.u?.l8,19^/J 

2, Erva Joyce Williams, Aug. 28,1925. m. Lorenzo William Hof fin eyer, (Bill), 
on Nov. 26,1947. He was born July 2^,192^■ - died Dec. 19, 1964, Axicident. 

A. Harry William Hoffmeyer, Dec. 15,1946 - died June 18,1966, Truck accident. 

B. Dennis Eugene Hoffmeyer, Apr. 4,1951. m. June 14,1969, Karen Kolova. 

C. Kathy Hoffmeyer, Nov. 10, 1953. Died an infant. 

D. Kevin Hoffmeyer, Mar. 30,1955- 

E. Rodney Allen Hoffmeyer, Mar. 25,1957. 
F.Brian Robert Hoffmeyer, Mar. 9,1959. 

II. Irene Johnson, May 20, 1904. Died Oct 28,1967. m. Nov.7,1928, Zvert Gladstone 
Quam,bom Apr. 29,1904. Died Apr. 18, 1970. Both had heart Pacers. 

1. Merle Gene Quam, Oct. 7, 1930. He teaches school at Cavalier, N.Dak. 
m. Phyllis Jean Bill, born July 16,1930. 

A. Phyllis daughter, Terry Lynn, June '4,1956. 

2. Lloyd Wayne Quam, Apr, Spr. 25,1932 

3. Gordon Quam, Aug. 17,19^3. m. June 14,1970, Darlene Ruth LaPlant,Har.6,1947. 
They have the home place, Blxie Mountain Stock Farm. 

^4. Terrance Evert Quam, Feb. 9, 1936. - Apr. "9,1941. 

III. Harry Richard Johnson,Aug. 15,1906. Died near Seattle Wash. Aug. 10,1968. 
Married at Lakota, Jan. 11, 1934, Eveline Thompson. 

I.Harlan Cale Johngon,July 9,1934. m June 1955, Bemice Hager. 

A. Anita Jean Johnson, Oct 16,1956. 

B. Wayne Alden Johnson, Aug. 6, I96O. 
C.James Raymond Johnson, Oct. 10,1963. 
D. Yvonne Marie Johnson, Nov. 7, 1964. 

Harlan was divorced in I965 and married Vivian Wallis in I967. 

2. Wendell Frayne JOhnson.July 19,1936, m. Sharon Leiran. m. Hay20,1960. 
A. Monica Sue Johnson, Sept. I96I. 

3. Richard Arthmr Johnson,Mar.l4,1964. 

3. Kenneth Perry Johnson, 

Perr;' and Isabelle Johnson's Family 

rv. Allen William Johnson, Uig. 6,190? ^ 

Married April 10,1929 to Ruby Martin, born Mar. 23, 1909 ^|il 

1. !-!avis H;ileen Johnson, June ^,1931 
Married ;.pr,10,1929 to Robert Stack, bornr'ov.'", 192? 
A. Debra Sue Stack, July 13,1952. 
E. rruce Charles Stack, ^tiril ?2,1935« 

C. Gary Howard Stack, Mov". 5,1^58 - Dec. 15,1?58. 

D. Brian Stack, Aug. 12,lP-0. 
2. Gerald Allen Stack, born Feb. 1,1935« He adopted his ■wife':s 3 children. 

Married Sept. 1,1967 to Lois Jane Dcdgson, born May 2?,1936. 
A. Curtis Leroy Johnson, Korn June 25, 19^0 
5. Keith Milton Johnson, July l^-,196l. 

C. Lyle Ray Johnson, Juj. 1,1?62. 

D. Kin Renae Johnson, Jan. 2U, 19Co, 
3. Marilyn Jean Johnson, born i,ug.28,193". She did not marry a cousin. 

Married Jan. 19, 195'^ to Harley Johnson, born Feb. 11,193^ Devils Lake, N.Dsk. 

A. Jeffrey Allen Johnson, Feb. 18,1?53. 

B. Kirk Harley Johnson, July 29,1960 - Oct. I96I. 

C. Judy Lynn Johnson, June 19,1962. 
V. George Zdward Johnson, Dec. 13,1910. 

Married ;^rma Gutting Rickford. 

VI.. Robert Perry Johnson, April 28,1913. '"^e has one of the finest farms in Kelson 
County. Married Nov. 12, 1935 t Ruth Carla Ensrud. 

1. Roger Loren Johnson, Sept. 2'', 1939. m. Phoebe, on June 12,1970, 

2. Sandra Kay Johnson, Aug. 10, 19^. m. Sent. 6, I965 to Charles Knapp, Dec. 19 2f 

A. Dale /JJ.en Knapp, Oct. 20, I966. ^ || 

B. David Knapp 

C. Jody Knapp 

VII. Grace Katherine Johnson, Oct. 8, 1915. died Oct. 30» 1915» in infancy. 

VIII. (Jim) Zugene James Johnson, Dec. 3, I916. Married Nov. 3, 19^7, to Alice 
Larne Foley, born June 23, 192^1. 
1. Elizabeth Johnson 

IX. orvdn Louis Johnson, born Nov. 2?, 1919. Married to Emma Williston, divorced 

in 1951. Married second time in 1964 to Mrs. Frances Miller, born April 22, 19-' 
Her daughter, Valerie Faith Killer. 


Perry & Isabelle Johnson, 1900 

Robert, Ruth and Roger Johnson 

Robert, George, Perry, Jim, Allen and Erwin 

George, (Harry lived in Seattle) 




lue .•.o;j:-Lain o-,v>Gtt Fani.. V .rry anu l;:bi,^l1. JohriScr^'a .'ore. 

i^lizibith fiiid 'larry out front. Irene and Inez 
Th' tcher on the rai^. Jennie Thatcher Tdth 
''"■^ ;:-i sitting in a rocker. Mrs. L.o. Johnson 
Jrt'mdi".-; behind tier, daughter Anita vdth ALna, 

Harry's sc;. 
and hi c chJ ]■ 

Left ':/■ ri:i. , 
Yvonr; ', ./h^u^ , 

Anita, i ikon 

Above. Zlizabeth and 3d Williams, 1922. 
At the right; their two children, 
Perr\* and Jo^'^ce Williams. 




' ^^^K'"''' ^^^^^^^^^1 



Irene Johnson 

Irene (Mrs. Evert Quom) 

Gordon & Merle, Evert & Irene Qucn 

Gordon & Darlene Quam 

Gordon, the youngest of the 
three brothers, now lives on 
the farm that once belonged 
to his grandfather Perry 
Johnson. Merle is the oldest 
son and Lloyd is the middle 

Merle & Phyllis Quan 

Lloyd Quam 


Allen Johnson, born August 6, 1909, 
son of Perry Johnson 

Ruby Martin, born March 23, 1909. 

Ruby, Mavis, and Allen in back, 
Marilyn and Gerald in front. 

Robert Stack's Family. 

Robert and Mavis in back, 

Bruce, Debra, and Brian in front. 



Carl and Ann Torbenson's Family. 

II AAsne Midgarden or Ann Nelson, was bom Mar. 23,1840 at i^auland.Teleraark, Norway. She 
^ied April 19,1925 in ^ellingham. Wash. She came to Minn, vdth brothers Aleck and Olaf 
Jin 1865. Ann married Carl Torbenson in 1869. He was bom May 24,1843 and died July 19, 
1925, in Bellingham, Wash, He enlisted age 16 with a Wis, regiment and was shot twice. 
Colonel Hegge was killed, in the Civil War, They had 8 children, as follows, 

A. Lucy Ann Torbenson, bomAug. 24, I87O in Farmington, Minn. She died Oct. 15,1951. 
in Bellingham, Wash, She lived in Castle Rock, Minn, before moving tn 188? with her 
parents to Minot, Dakota Territory. She married Peter P. Lee on April 19,1S68» He 
was bom Mar. 18,1861 at Guldbrandsdale^, Norway. Peter died May 31. 19 37. Bellingham. 
He had a general merchantise store in Minot, Later a garage and several farms, etc. 
In 1907 they moved to ^ellingham, Wash,'where he founded the Lee Wholesale Grocery Co. 
Among his civic and charitable bequests was $15,000. to the city, which was used for 
a Lee Memorial i'ark, between the library and city Hall. Pete and Lucy took the four 
jroungest children to spend one year in Norway and left the two older sons to run the Co. 

1. Palmer Clifton Lee, Dec. 14,1889, Minot, N. Dak. Died April 6,1966. 
Harried May 26,1915 Mabel Katheson in Marshfield, Ore. 

a. Alice Lucille Lee, June 30.1916, Bellingham. Married Ken Corey, 

1, Kevin Corey. Feb. 24,1954 

b. William Palmer Lee, Jan. 5, 1921, m. Patricia Rocke 

I, Fredrick Lee, July 2i,1948 

c. Robert B. Lee, May 24,1923, Bellinghto. ra. Irene Jorgenson. He died M?y3,1965. 

2. Carl Alfonso Lee, Sept. 29,1891. m. July 19,1919 Leola Sanders. 

a. Leslie Allen Lee, Nov. 15,19 28. m, Feb, 13, 1953 Britt Selander, Aug. 1', 1931. 
1. Carolyn Lee, May 3.1953, Bellingham, Wash. 
2, Marian Lee, May 7,1960, " 
3, Leslie Allen tee, April 3.1963. 

3. Win Fred Lee, Sept, 29,1893. m. Feb. 29,1928 Helen Sharp A^ ^, ^ ^UufJ^i^ Ji^, 

4. Ann Lenore Lee, Mar. 6, 1895, Minot, N.Dak. ra. May 19,1917 Arthur Miller 
a. Luanna DeLayne Miller, Oct, 2c,192C. m. Colin McLeod, July 6,1920. 

1. Patricia Lee McLeod, Feb, 8,1948 

2, Colin McLeod,Mar.l3,1952 
b. Marian Patricia (Patsy) Miller, Sept.30,1925. 

m,Oct.9,19?f Dale Ellsworth Hosman, Oct,- from Ouaha, Nebr. 

1. Nancy Lee Hosman,Aug. 2D, 1949 

2. Fredrick Arthur Hosman, May 30,1953 

3. Thomas Dale Hosman 

4. Stephen Hosman 
c, Donald Arthur Miller,Mar. 10,1929. m. Aug. 26,1950 Myma Lou Adler, Jan. 30,1930. 

1. Bryan Donald Miller, Apr, 27,1956 

2, Robert Lee Miller, June 20,1958 

5. Heniy Raymond Lee, July 13, 1899. m, Nov. 19,1935 Gladyce Kopperdahl, July 7. 
a.lSeorgia Ann Lee.Agg, 1,1936, m. Sept. 7,19^^ Fredrick Dennis Bailey. 

1, Anne Margaret Bailey, Mar, 24,1965, Columbus, Ohin, 

2, Fred Dennis Bailey, Aug, 8,1969, Bellingham, Wash, 

b. Peter P. Lee, Mayl,194l 

c. Roger Raymond Lee, Aug. 17,1946, Bellingham, Wash. 

d. Margie Rae Lee, Mar,l6, 1950 " 

6. Alyce June Lee, June 19,1902, Died Apr, 8,1929. m. May 30,1925 Thomas S. Clark, 
a. Thomas Stuart Clark, Apr. 8,19 ?9. 

Carl and Ann Torbenson's Family, continued. 

B. Nellie Torbenson, Jan. 29,18?^, Famington, Minn. Died Nov.8,19^. n. in Minot to Bii 

1. Olga Birch, June 20,1896. Died 196? in Seattle, Wash, m John Swanson,died 19^, 

a. Louis Swanson, Aug. Zk, 191^. m. Lillian fj 

1. Louis Swanson.Aug. 2k, 19^+1. 

2. Wallace Swanson, Mov. 9,19^ 

3. Arlene Swanson, Jan. 2,1920 m, Chanwy 

I. Arlene Swanson Chaney, Mar. 20,194? 

4. Clayton Swanson, Feb. 10, 19 21 

5. Virginia Swanson, May 2,1923. m. William Schmidt 

I. Shirly Schmidt.Aug. 16,1942 
U. Fredrick Schmidt, Feb. 10, 1948 
in. Marion Schmidt, Mar. 16, 1949 

IV. Wendy Schmidt, June 9, 1950 

V. Wayne Schmidt, July 26, 1951 

Olga Birch Swanson m. Donald Gay and lived and died in Seattle Wash. 
Anita visited her in 1962, when she visited the Seattle World's Fair. 

Nellie Birch m. Peter P. Andreas, her second child was 

2. Carl Andreas, Jan. 6. 1908. m. May 1,1934 Nellie Rogers, Feb.3,191?. 

a. Carl B. Andreas, Sept. 9, 1938 

l.Debra Andreas, Feb. 14, 1959 

b. Jacquiline Mae Andreas, July 29,1939 

1. CjTithia Andreas, Aug. 4, 195? n Rodney, May 6,1960 

2. Scott Andreas, Oct. 31,1962 

3. Randy Andreas, July 29,1964 

4. Andrea Andreas, Oct. 13,196? 

c, Annie Andreas, Oct. 26,1910 m. Ralph Olson 
I.Richard Orlen Olson, June 1,1931 n Mary Ann 
2. Johnny Walter Olson, Feb. 4,1944 

d. Dorothy Andreas, April 5»1911 m Leo Barrow 

C. Cecelia Torbenson, Feb. 2,1876- '^'<'^> / '^ ^ ^ m'. Henry Weber, bom 1880 
1. Ernest Leroy Weber, Nov. 2,1902 ra. Gale Nightingale 
P. Arthur Clajrton Weber, Nov. 19, 1908 

3. Laura Isabelle Weber, Jan. 29,1912. Died July 2?, 1930 

D. Julianna Torbenson, Feb. 3,1880 on a farm Conrad, Mont. m. Alfred A. Thanpson. 
l.Maynard Carl Thompson, May25, I905 
2. Walter Clarence Thompson, Mar. 11, 1908 m. Mae 

a. Karen Jo Thompson, Dec. 1?, 1943 
b. Donald Walter Thompson, Jan. 11, 194? 

c. Julianna Thompson, Mar, 17,1948 

E. Olaus Torbenson, lived only a few days. 
F.and G. twin girls, Anna and Gunhild, lived only a fevf days. 

H. Arthur Mansfield Torbenson, April 22, 1884. contractor and builder, Harve, Illinoj 

^f;r2"?S7J'^ M^'^^^^'f " T" i^^^^^«"^h child of Nels, Bom Dec. 30.1849. She came to lann. 
^rew 1 JnS* "^V ^^:/^^i"e ^"d li^^d at Hanska. Minn. She had a daughter, Nellie, whc 
fhat ^e Sad^lSli"; l?^" "".' ''^"^ "' ''°^' ^'^""- ^ 1^95 Gunhild wra,L to'a sist;r 
to te J^ns bJ? unf^t,^n^r? "S'^.r^-'f ^'*^^f ^"°^^^^ ^"'^ ^°P^^ i^ ^^°^ld live. It proved 
on ^age^ i^^Je^ar ^? J^\?!^J ^'^ ^f ^*° ^^" "^°^^^^ ^'^ ^895. Please correct error 
13^ Thif ,.n^/ u i "" ^^'^^' ^^ ^^"^ ^^Sures are turned around, 1894 instead of 
IJ^. This would make her one year old when she died at birth of t;;ins 


Julia & Maynard Aasne & 2 daughters. 

Carl Torbenson, Civil War. 

Evelyn and Mildred Lucy & Alice Lee. 


Carl Alfonso, Lucy, Win Fred, Alice, Lenore, P.P. Lee, Palmer, Raymond 
Peter P. Lee and Lucy Torbenson's Family. 




Aleck and Martha Kelson's Family 

Stor Asl-ak or Aleck Nelson, fourth child, was bom May 24, 1843 on the Kidgarden Estate, 
in Rauland, Telemark, Non-ray. He died Feb. 3tl918 at Matsqui, B.C. Can. He came to 
Ghristiania Settlement, Minn, vrith Asne and Olaf Midgarden. Later he took a homestead 
I near Mayville, N. Dak. \-Jhen his mother came to U.S. he made a home for her till she died. 
As he seemed to have"tunnel vision" he did not mingle much with young people but used to 
carve many beautiful animals, especially deer.tinioh he gave to his relatives. Tnese are 
works of art and worth a great deal. When he was 38 on Nov. 27,1881 he married Martha 
Kopanger who vras born Mar. 31tl86l at Sogandahl, Norway, i^ight of his children were bom 
near Mayville,but the youngest Floyd was bom in Matsqui, B.C. Can. 
I. Anna Mathilda Nelson, Aug. 31,1833. 

EI. Netta Nelson, Mar. 7,183?. married Mr. Hallert. Lives in Vancouver, B.C. Can. 
I.Phyllis Hallert 
2. Jeanette Hallert 
m. Martha Nelson, Feb. 3,1889. Died Dec. 23,1900, Mayville, N.Dak. 

IV. Nels Arthur Nelson, Mar. 31,1891. Died Mar. I960, heart attack, near Cloverdale.B.C. 

V. Alice Christina Nelson, April 7,1893. Married Mr. Sargot. 

VI. Selmer AI^IUilD Nelson, Sept. 16,1895. He was a soldier in Vforld v;ar I. 

VH. Bernard or Ben Nelson, Mar. 20,1898. Married Apr. 14, 1932, Rita Knight, Aug. 15,1906. 

I.Robert Keith Nelson,Mar. 1,1933 

2..Gary Edvrard Nelson, Jan. l6,1936 

3. Marilyn Dell i^elson, Jan. 28,1938 
VIII. Myrtle Franseca Nelson, 1900. Died 1906. A twin brother, Maynard died first 77 
EC. Floyd Arnold Nelson, April 20,1905 in Matsqui, B.C. Can. 

Ben and Mary Nelson's Family 

W Ben or Bjorn !fygard Nelson was bom Nov, 14, I85I in Rauland, Telemark, Nonray. 8th child. 

r of Nels. After Nels died Olaf Midgarden vrent back to Norway to get Ben, his mother and the 
younger cliildron. They all came to Christiania Settlement which I believe became Fainington. 
Minn. After working out some years he took up a honestead near Bue Post Office on the 
Sheyenne River. As Bue never became a to;-m the nearest to-wn would be Pekin now. He died 
Sept. 1919 in Abbotsford, B.C. Can. He married May5,l886 Breta Mary i^elson,who vjas born 
Oct. 8,1866 at Sune, Varmland, Sweden. Though she had the same name, Nelson, she was no 
relative. Her father had died and she had a stepfather, Carlson. All their children except 
the youngest were bom near Eue, N.Dak. They moved to Abbotsford, B.C. Can. in 1907. 

I. Nels E±-An Nelson, July 19,1887. Died Aug. 8,1940 in Can. Never married. 

II. Hilda Marie Nelson, Apr. 19,1889. Died Apr.l6,1962, Abbotsford, B.C. Can. 
Married Oct. 9, 1912, Harper Cyril Nixon, who was bom Aug. 9, 1888. He had mary silver 
trophies in sports. Nice home in Vancouver. They were listed in book of genealogy. 

1. Cyril Colville Alexander Nixon, Oct. 16,1913. Married Aug. 10, 1940 Margaret McLeoad, 
who was born Jan. 28,1918 at Prince Rupert, B.C. Can. Went over seas 1940, was Major 
in army. Died in -France July 25,1944. 

A. Ethel Lynne Nixon, May 12,1941 

2. Bemice Charlotte Nixon, Dee. 29,1914. Married July 9,1939 Alistair V/ilson McNabb, 
born Feb. 12. They lived in southern Calif, for awhile. 

A. James Nixon McNabb,Aug,3,1942 

B. Cyril Bruce McNabb, Nov. 29,1946. Clancy was his nickname. 
III. Anna Beatrice Nelson, May 22,1891. Died I965. Never married. 

IV. Mabel Louise Nelson, Mar31, 1893. Died Feb. 24,1931. 

V. Seliaa or Thelma Nelson, Jan. 23,1896. Died Feb. 17,1931 

u VI. Esther Evelyn Nelson, May2'^,1902. Died Spring of I969. Married Harry Shhafer. 
^ Schafer v;as manager of Safe\ray Store in Abbotsford, then Coulee Dsm,then Seattle. 
^ VII. Olive Freda Nelson, Jan. 14,1906 at Abbotsford, B.C. She teaches music. She lives 

on the home place but hac^a new house built. 



Aleck loved to carve many animals, which he 
gave to his brothers, and sisters. He gave the 
largest one to Margret, about 36 inches. 

Nels, Aleck, Nettie, Ana in back. 
Martha, Alice, Selmer and Martha Nelson. 

Marie, Hilda, Mabel, Nels, Ben, Anna, Selma 
in front. Photo taken in N. Dakota before 
moving to Matsqui, B. C, Canada. 

Eiven Nelson, youngest brother, 
1862-1900, McHenry, N. Dakota. 






Olaf Nelson Midgarden was bom Aug. 6, 18'+i^, on the Kidgarden Estate, Rauland, 
Telemark, Norway. He died Sept. 18, I916, of heart trouble and was buried in St. 
Olaf's Cemetery at New Richland, Minn. He kept the name of the farm where he was 
born, although all his brothers took their father's name Kels, and were known as 
Nelson after coming to America. Olaf, with his brother and sister, Aleck (Stor 
Aslak) and Aasne, came to Minnesota in I865 and got land near Christiania Settlement. 
Olaf bought some land which had been given to a soldier, and the deed had Abraham 
Lincoln's signature on it. Apparently he sold this later. 

Olaf worked in the saimills in Minneapolis. He met Anna Sigurd Johnson, who 
worked in a dressmaking shop. They were married in 1871 at St. Paul, Minn. Anna 
was the daughter of Sigurd and Anna Johnson and v;as born at Stoughton, V/is. She 
died Jan. 17, 1931 i at her home in Los Angeles with her daughter Olivia, who was a 
registered nurse. She was buried beside Olaf in Minnesota. 

After Olaf and Anna were married, they had a choice between buying lots on 
Hennepin Avenue for $50 each, or a farm. They bought the farm a half mile from New 
Richland, and Olaf built a beautiful 12-room house and planted laims and fruity trees. 
However, when Minneapolis became a city and the price of lots skyrocketed, Anna often 
told her daughter Olivia that she felt like going into a bush to cry because they had 
not bought the lots. 

Olaf had studied art and photography at Northfield, Minn., so he set up a studio 
where he took photographs and made crayon portraits. He often went to community 
gatherings to take pictures. He also carved animals and made pictures for stereoscopes, 
which were quite a fad then. Olivia told me that Olaf had had a tintype of his 
father, Nels Midgarden, wearing the Non-j-egian uniform vri. th fringed soldier straps, 
a s\,JOTd strapped to his waist, and an officer's cap. Olaf made an enlarged crayon 
drawing of this picture. At one time Olaf also had a medal i-jhich had been given to 
his father by the King of Norvray when he was decorated for valor, but it was lost. 

Olaf was quite an athlete, iceskater and ski jumper. He wanted all his daughters 
to excel in sports. His first child, a son, didn't live. They had six daughters, 
all of whom became teachers except the youngest, who died in infancy. 

I. NETTIE SOFIA MIDGARDEN, born Nov. 2, 187 . She painted lovely water color 
landscapes. Married H. \L Terry from Slayton, Minn. 
II. ANNA JOSEPHIiIS MIDGARDEN, died July 3, 1920. 

III. AGIES or AGNETTS VARIE MIDGARDEN, b. Mar. 1, I878. She was a teacher and writer 
of short stories which were published in magazines. She married Aug. 29, 1900, 
John Oliver LOHN, who was born Sept. 10, I867, near St. Ansgar, lovra. He was 
postmaster and real estate dealer until his death, Sept. 5» 1939 i at Fosston, 
Minn. They had seven children. 

A. RUTH LOHN, b. Sept. 2^, I9OI, died Oct. 2k, I968. She graduated from the 
Univ. of Minn, and became librarian of the main library in Minneapolis. 

B. JOHN MARCUS LOHN, b. July 7, 1903. at Fosston. Post office clerk' in 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

C. ROBERT NELSON LOHN, b. Feb. 14, I905. He v;as civil engineer in Minneapolis, 
as he graduated in civil engineering from the Univ. of Minn, in 1929. Died 
in a plane crash, Feb., 1950. On June I6, 193^. he married Florence Bahr, 
who was born Dec. 8, 1908, in Spring Valley, Wis. She graduated from Hamline 
U. in 1934 and was a teacher. 

1. MARY A^DIABEL LOHN, Aug. 9, 1937. She is a librarian at Adrian, Minn. 
Married Aug. 6, I96O, to Roger FEGHFER, born Jan. 20, 1938. 

a. Suzanne Louise Fechner, June 4, I96I. 

b. Holly Beth Fechner, Dec. 10, 1962. 

2. ELIZABETH LIIHA LOHN, Dec, 1938, Minneapolis. She was a teacher at 
Adults Finishing High School, Dearborn, Mich. Married Sept. 8, I960, 
to John W. GRIDLEY, born May 10, 1939. John works at Comptrollers 
Office, Ford Motors, Dearborn, Mich. 

a. James Hamilton Gridley, April 30. 1962. (Continued next page) 


Continuation of children of Elizabeth Linda Lohn and John V/. Gridley. 

a. James Hanilton Gridley, April 30, 1962. ▲. 

b. Janet Kirnlin Gridley, Nov. 30, I966. ' 

c. Richard V/illis Gridley, May 7, 1968. 

3. ROBERT THOMAS LOHN, Nov. Ik, 19^1, Minneapolis. Industrial Arts 

teacher. Harried Au^. 10, I963. to Karen Louise Peterson, b. June 2, 19^12. 

a. Martiga Louise Lohn, May 17, I968. 

b. Darei Marie Lohn, Sept. 13, 1969. 

k. MARGARj:? rose LOHM, March 1, 19^+7 , Minneapolis. Married Dec. 6, I967, 
to John \I. COLLINS, Jr., b. March 23, 1948. John is a musician, 
a. Jeffrey Judah Collins, May 29, 1970. 

D. CECIL OLAN lohn, b. June 19, 1907, at Fosston, Minn., died July Zk, I951, 
of cerebral hemorrhage. V/hen a child he had polio, but his Aunt Olivia 
gave him treatments so he was able to walk again. He got a Ph. D. in 
biochemistiy and was head chemist for Cream of V.'heat Corp. in Minnea'oolis. 

E. IVOn IIDRAI-I LOHN, b. Sept. 25, I9O8, at Fosston, Minn., died Dec. 21^, I963. J 
He vras a civil engineer vjith the V/ar Dept. Married July 11, 19^5, to Audrey Youi 

F. DAVID MIDGARDEN LOHN, b. Mar. 28, 1915, at Thief River Falls, Mdnn. Forestry 
graduate. A psychiatric social worker for Hennepin County. Married 
Sept., 193", to Florence Coniiontan. 

1. MARGE CECILE LOHN, Aug. 19, 1939. 

2. SUSAN KAREN LOHN, Nov. 1^, 19^4. 

G. ANI«IS BONI-JIE LOHN, b. Nov. ", 1920, at Fosston, Minn. Married Feb. 20, 19^7, 
to Jerry GIFFORD, a hair stylist. 

1. KARIN AME GIFFORD, June 8, 1948. 

IV. OLIVIA TALSTHS MIDGARDEN, b. Nov. 13, ca. 1880, died 1964. Studied nursing 

at Minneapolis, became R.N. and public health nurse. She traveled ?11 over §'' 
the U.S. and to Alaska, Hawaii, and China. She enjoyed many hobbies, such 
as collecting spoons, binding books, and making vases. 
V. GUNHILD LOUISE MIDGARDEN, b. Jan. 1?, , died Aug. I5, I965. in Los Angeles. 

VI. DENA MARGURETA MIDGARDEN, died v;hen only a few days old, baptized by her mother. 


in Tq!?° r' ^^^ ^'*^"''? grandmother in Norway? I first heard about this mystery 

d^finSe"v'th^'t°h"" '°'' \' ''\' ''°'' ^"^^"^ ^"^ '^"^ h^^ ^°1^ ^^-i- chiliren^ost 
aelinitely thai, there was a French grandmother in their ancestrv Various n+v,^^ 

ZriUr'-i'"'''' 'T '"^^'^ ^° California, told me xt f^s t^;. "^NoboSy kneSher 
name, although some thought possibly it might have been Tonette. 

Tavlor°^otT+o"K. ^°"^^f ^ i^ i^'^l^ Midgarden's mother might have been French. Evelyn 

The minT^r ^"^^ ^u ""'-^"''"' ^^^ ^^" ^°1^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^°^ ^^ absolutely false!^ 
The minister in Norv;ay who wrote to her stated that Olav Troen (Nels- father) was a 
very inaustrious, respectable man. He listed the names of Olav- s three wLian 
-ves. as well as the dates and the children, (See Page 2 of Ihis gSaloTbook. ) 

mother''lherin'l97V? Z"""" .'h ^^^^^.^^is faMly tradition about a French grand- 

familv a littl P III} I .t'' '°"'^" "^° ^^' ^" heirloom of the Midgarden 

th^ i^IwL . ^'^"^ ''°''^" '-^^^ grasses from the Seine River in Paris and insid^^ 

do:n' ra1r:n hi Jho^r^irrnt d'^'^ h'^^'''^°" ^^^ that^?he\^a:kerwarhinded 


Olaf and Anna Midgarden's Family. New Richland, Minn. 

Olaf Nelson Midgard en, 1844-1916. 
Photographer and crayon artist. 
He was the only one who kept the 
name Midgarden for last name. 

Gunhild and Olivia Midgarden, 
lived with their mother in 
Los Angeles for many years. 

John Lohn, (1867-19 39J) at extreme right in front of their home at gosston, 
Minn. He was postmaster and Real Estate Dealer. Agnette Midgarden Lohn 
is at the extreme left with their seven children in center. From left 
to right are Cecil, John, Ruth, David, Anne, Robert, & Ivon. 




W..X ^®!-'-® ^^^^ Nelson, also called Aleck, was the sixth child of Nels Nygaard 

f gf^'f ^ ''tM^^^iJ.^^l^^^"' ^1 born at Midgarden. Aleck was bom Jan. 30, 18^7. 
and died March 23. 1913. at Viscount. Sask. . Canada. Married on Oct. 30! 1872 at 
Eureka, Dakota County, Minnesota, to Taarand or Tilda Rue, born Apr. 14. 18^3 'in 

fl7.7U nh.S^f ''^\r''' ^^^t' ^\^^t^^^d Valley, Mont. Aleck and Taarand settled 
first at Albert Lee, Minn., where their first six children were born. Then he took 

f«o^!! "®^'' ^^^ ^^® P°^^ office, now about 8 miles south of Aneta. N. Dak. In 
1890 they moved to Mayville, N.Dak., where they lived for 11 years. They lived for 
two years at Gumming s. Then they moved to Viscount, Canada, where he died in I913. 
Their 15 children are listed below with Roman numerals, and their descendants are 
included after each child. 

I. NELS NELSON, June 8, 187i^Jan. , 1945. Moved to Canada in 1910. In 1906 m 
Ingeborg Olson, Aug. 3I, 1880. She was from Nomedahl. Norway. 
A. ALVIN NELSON. June 11, I907. Sheyenne. N. Dak. M. 1941 Clara Myrhaugen of 
Stewart Valley, Sask. He was a mechanic. Died Dec. 24, 1958. 5 children. 
1. Dennis, 1942 2. Joan, 1943 3. Norman, I945 

4. Roland, 1940 5. Audrey, 1952 

^- 2^ ^f ^' "^ ^* ^^°^' Sheyenne, N. Dak., m. Aug. 3, 1937. Bernice Camphaug. 
They had 5 children. 

1. LaVonne, July 3, 1938 2. Darlene. July 20. 1940 3. Duane. Feb. 4. 1944 
4. Gloria, July 18, 1949 5. Mark, Aug. I5, 1958 

C. BLCM NELSON, Apr. 6. 1910. Sheyenne. N. Dak. Moved to Canada in 1910. Blotn 
and Guy drove heavy machinery in road constructing. 

D. FAY NELSON, Apr. 29, 1912. m. on Sept. 12, 1932, to Hans Horn. She attended 
the reunion of the Nelson-Rue families at Kalispell, Montana, in 1959. 

1. Shirley Horn, 193^, m. Wilf Kern, teacher in SiJift Current. 

2. Orval Horn, 1937. Works for Mobil Oil Co. , surveying and drafting. 

3. Harvey Horn, 1939. Works on home farm, 7 miles east of Pennant. Sask. 

4. Robert Horn. 1947. 

E. EDGAR NELSON. Dec. 31, 1916. Blinded age 3, splinter of steel flew into his 
eye. Went to school for the blind and worked at packing boxes. 

F. ASTA NELSON, Sept. 23. 1919. m. July U, 1945. to Leslie Reed, who runs motor 
patrol for roads. 

1. Sharra Reed. July 6. 1946. 

G. FRED NELSON, Oct. 22, 1922, m. Ruby. 

II. KNUT NELSON, Nov. 26. 1875--Sept. 29. 1946. M. on Nov. 28. 1902, to Lisa Knutson. 
April 18, 1884— Dec. 31, 1947. 

A. WALTER NELSON, Dec. 29, 1904— Sept. 23. 1958. Bigger, Canada. M. on Dec. 29, 
1939. to Irene Brown. Two children. 

1. Gary Nelson. Dec. 7, 1943. 2. Kenneth Nelson, May 18. I947. 

B. ETHYLE NELSON, Feb. 27, I905, Buxton, N.D. M. Mar 6. 1930. to Henry Brown. 

1. Walter Brown. Mar. 16. 1931, m. Oct. 1, 1949. to Betty Lee at Meaford. Ont..Can;. 

a. Wanda, Dec. 1, 1950. b. John, Oct. 29, 1951. c. Robbie, May 1, 1954. 
Ethyle m. second time on Sept. 12, 1942, to John Jordan. One child. 
1. Cheryle Jordan, July 28, 1944. 

C. STANLEY NELSON, May 30, I916, Viscount, Sask.. m. Mar. 1939 to Marjorie Walker. 

1. Gayle, Dec. 4. 1940. 3. Ann. April 14. 1948. 

2. Myma. July 4. 1942. 4. Janet, April 17. 1957. 





ni. ANNA ELISA NELSON, Apr. 13. 1877— Jan. 19, 1935. Cut Bank, Mont. M. Oct. 31. 1900, 
to Peter B. Anderson, Minot, N. Dak, They were in the lumber and hardware business 
for ^0 years. Anna was artistic, painting many pictures. She was in the millinery ^jl 
and dressmaking business before she married. They had five children. •If 

A. MILDRED AND3RS0N, Aug. 2, 1901. Married three times, first to Floyd D. Gerhart, 
on Aug. 2, 1919. One child. He was killed in train accident. 

1. Floyd Gerhart, July 11, 1921. (Floyd David Armstrong) M. Maxine Trenholm, 
1942. Five children. 

a. Paul Stephen Arrastrong, Aug., 19^5. h. Son, died at birth, 19^9. 
c. Kenneth David Armstrong, 1951. <i« Linda Armstrong, Mar., 1952. 
e. Becky Armstrong, May, 1955. 

Mildred ra. second to James Coleman Armstrong on Sept. 7, 1922. He died June 7, 
1937. They had 10 children. 

2. James Coleman Armstrong, 1923, married Nadine N, Kickols in 19^3. 5 children, 
a. Jill Cathleen, April, 19^5 t. Son, died at birth, 19^7. 
c. Dake, Jopc. , 19^?'. d. i'iax, £>ept, 1951. 

e. Jeff. E., Dec, I960. 

3. TheLna Patricia, Aug. 5, 1925, m. Norman H. Warberg in 1943* 3 children. 
a. Naome Jeanne, Oct., 19^7. b. Norman Lee, June, 1950. c Anita Jo, May, 1952. 

k, Dorothy Mildred, 1927, m. in 1950 to Richard Peterson, k children. j.j 

a. Geneva, March, 1952. b. John C. , May, 195^+. '^ 

c. Robert, July, 1956— Oct. ,1956. d. Gordon, July, 1959. 

5. Gordon, 1929, died at birth. 

6. Anna Emelia, Mar. 11, 1931, m. to Bernard E, St. Onge, in 1951. 6 children. 

a. Teresa Ann, April, 1952. b. Thomas E. , Aug., 1953. 8. Leigh Annette, Nov., 195, 

d. William Anthony, July, 1957. e. Patricia, bom and died 1958, 

f , Edward A. , Feb. , I960. 

7. Robert, died at birth, 1932. ^ 

8. Peter Forest Armstrong, 1933, m. to Marjorie Ann Boe in Aug., 1951, ^ children. i| 
a. Michael Al, March, 1952. b. Renee, Sept., 1953. 
c. Randy, May, 1955- d. Christine, 1957. 

9. Eloise Armstrong, died at birth, 193^. 
10. Evelyn Margarita, July 6, 1935, m. to Robert D, Spencer in 195^, 3 children. 

a. Craig D. , Jan., 1955. b. Kimbeily, 1957. c. Mark, 1959. 
Mildred m. third to Albin Kittelson on June k, 19^5. No children, 

B. EVELYN PERl^KLLk ANDERSON SEAL, Aug. 10, 1903— Sept. 2, I969. M. to Ernest H. 
Seal on June 3, 1922, Ernest b. Apr. 18, 1899. Two children. 

1. Marjorie Ruth, May 22, I923, m, on Sept, 12, 1947, to Richard Bennett Schim- 
meyer. Five children, 

a, Steven Wayne, Nov. 3, 19^. b. Robin Lea, May 17, 1951. 
c, Roger Allen, Sept. 21, 1953. d. and e. Susan Irene and Sandra Evelyn, 

twins, bom Feb. 18, 1957. 

2. Ernest Howard Seal, June 8, 1926, m, Anna Verna Slovinski on July 4, 19^7. 
a, Thomas Howard Seal, May 12, 1952. b. Kenneth Jon, July 19, 1955. 

C. THELMA ALEGRA ANDERSON, July 21, 1910, m, to Albert Theodore Moehring on June 8, 
3.932, Four children. 

1. Donald Frederick, June 21, 193^. 

2. Sandra Ruth, Sept. I5, 1936, lived one day, 

3. Marshall, Aug, ,' 1939, died as infant. 
k. Nancy Lynne, May 3, 19^7. 

D. PAULINE ANDERSON, Jan. 5. 1912, lived four days, 

E. PETER BENJAI'IIN ANDERSON, Jr, , June 12, 1919, m, to Ada Cleery, Sept. 7, 19^. 
1. Anna Elisa Anderson, May 3I, 19^9, 



(Photo taken at Mayville, North Dakota.) 

Back row: Tena, Nels, Anna, Knut, and Emma. Adolph on far right end. 
Front row: Gunhild, Arthur on Aleck's lap, Olav, Taarand with Baby Hilda. 

Seated, Aleck & Taarand 
Mr. & Mrs. Olaf Rue, 
Mr. & Mrs. Gilderhus. 

Jjfeblul jMkfT^^MV^H^^^^I 

f^Jf^mtS^^^ X^^^^^^kjf - '^^^^Hj^^^H 


6 oldest children: 

Tena, Nels, Emma, Adolph, 

Knut and Anna. 

Adolph, Evelyn 
Taylor's father. 


Tonette (TENA) Christine Nelson, Nov. 2'4-, 1879— Sept. , I965, Bellingham, Wash, 
m. Nov. 13 1 1910, to Sever Ame Bei^g, who died of cancer Nov. 23, I96O, after 
their 50th anniversary. Six children. 

A, Hazel Berg, Dec. 9» 1911. m. Joseph A. Pence, dentist, adopted twins and girl. 
1 and 2. George and Martin. 3. Girl. 

B, Aleck Nelson Berg, Mar. 26, 1913, n. Eroma Gray, b. Dec. 22, 1922, who had two 
children, Carol Deanna, 19^1. and Violet Jean, 19^5. Aleck and Emma had thesei 
Gloria May, 19^7, William, 19^-19^, Allen Richard, 19^, Gerald Victor, 1950-51. 
Arnold Nelson, 1952, Alexander, 1953. Ame Lester, 195^. Yvonne Cindy, 1955. 
Samson Sever, 1956, Dalilah Geneva, 1957. Shirley Ada, I960. 

C, Elsie Ruby Berg, Aug. 30, 191^, m. Kenneth Walters, two children, 

D, Vema Virginia Berg, Dec. 7, 1915. m. June 18, 1937. to John Anderson, 6 children. 

1, Jacqueline Phyllis Anderson, July 11, 1938, m, April 25, 1959, to Joseph 
Alfred Olson, Two children. Jacqueline is an R.N. and has many hobbies. 

a, Ecnma Darlene Olson, June 5, 1960. b. Njord "Storrar" Olson, May I6, I963. 

2, Sylvester "Arne" Anderson, Oct, 24, 1939. Accountant. 

3, Kenneth Raymond Anderson, Dec. 2, 19^, radar technician, 

4, Darlene June (Babe) Anderson, July 22, 19^3. m. Aug., I967, to James Powers. 
She received her R.N, in 1966, Lives in Portland, Oregon, Three children. 

a, Christopher James Powers, May, I968, 

b, Taarand Lee Powers, May, 1970. c, Jamie Powers, June 27, 1971. 

5, Vema "Helene" Anderson, May 4, 19^7, m, Aug, 31. 1968 to Dennis R, Smith, 
a. Clayton Drew Smith. Jan, 14, 1971. 

6, Vernon Herbert Anderson, April 28, 195^. 

E, Raymond Harold, Hay 20, 1917, m, Oct. 20, 19^4, to Leah Davis, b. Feb. 18, 1919. 
Three children, 

F, Herbert Maurice Berg, 1920, m, 19^6 to Elenor, Son Sydney Curtis, bom 1947. 
Herbert divorced in 1948 and married second in 1949 to Santa Lota, b. Sept. 2, 
1919. Her parents were born in Italy. They have 3 children, 

1, Anna Marie, Aug, 11, 1950. 

2, Theodora Jo, Sept 23, 1951. 3. Patricia Tonette, March 17, 195^. 
Sylvester, 1921, lived only a few weeks, died 1921, 

m-IA UELSON, Aug, 6, 1880, m, June 4, 1902, at Mayville, N, Dak., to Adolph Halvorson, 
b. at Buxton, N.D. They lived on his father's farm for 3 years, tiien at Rider, N.D. , 
then moved to Kalispell, Mont,, in 1920. He had pernicious anemia, was ill for over 
5 years. Died Jan, 2, 1923, leaving Brnna with ? children to educate. They all worked 
together. Her mother lived with her the last few years of her life. Emma later 
married Peter Fagerstrcsn, Seattle, Wash, 

A. Arthur Norman, Feb. 26, 1903. Died at six months. 

B. Arthur Norris Halvorson, Feb. 13, 1904. He worked his way through collage and 
seminary and was on the honor roll. Chaplain in the aray. Now Lutheran minister 
of one of the largest churches in Seattle, Wash. M. Goldie Gunderson, b. June 
30, 1910, Fergus Falls. Three children. 

1. Jon Halvorson, Jan. 23, 1940—1957 

2. Jimraie, Jan. 18, 1944. 3. Nikkie, June 8, 1950. 

C. Charles Burdeen Halvorson, July 13. 1905. 

D. Lester, Oct. 20, 1906, M. Louise Monker. He is manager of Penney store, Lamar, 
Colo. One child. Dean Halvorson, May 4, 1932. 

E. Raymond Halvorson, June 3. 1910, d. influenza, 1919. 

F. Hazel Tressa, May 7, 191^. m. Walter Peterson, Forestry Graduate, now in Alaska. 
1. Rita Peterson. 2, 

Q, Helen Halvorson, March 26, 1915. married three times, first to Ramsey. 

1. Donald Ramsey, 1938— Aug. 11, 1957. 2. Dale Ramsey. 3. 

H. Orville Stanley Halvorson, May 27, 1918, m. Katherine, Galveston, Texas. 

1. Sharon Halvorson, 1947. 
I. Irene Halvorson, Mar. 28, 1920, m. LeRoy Walters. 

1. Leonna, Mar. 21, 1939. 

2. Sandra Walters, Sept. 28, 1942. 

3. Nancy Walters, Nov. 3, 1948. 


VI. ADOLPH BERTIN NELSON, Aug. 17, 1682, in Lee, N. Dak. Died June 28, 1950. Married 
Dec. 6, 1903, to Bertha Larson, b. Jan. 9, 1882, at Pelican Rapids, Minn, and died 
April 2, 1971, in Enumclaw, Wash. , and was buried in Conrad Cemetery, Kalispell, 
Mont. , beside her husband Adolph. Nine children, ^| 

A, EVELYN THELMA NELSON, Sept. 15, 1909, m. May Ih, 1933, to William Robert Boe, 
in Valier, Mont. William died of cancer April 21, 1953. They had 2 children. 

1, Shirley Verons Boe, Mar. 13, 1935, in Cut Bank, Mont. M. June 25, 1955, to 
Max Lee Amberson. Three children. 

a. Pamela Lee Amberson, March l6, 1957. 

b. Mark William Amberson, Sept. 4, 1959. c. LeeAnn Amberson, Mar. 2k, 1962. 

2. Sharon Lee Boe, Jan. 6, 1937, in Cut Bank, Mont. M. Nov. 7, 1959, to Paul 
Raymond Tutvedt. Three children. 

a. Craig Hans Tutvedt, Sept. 2, I960 b. David Boe Tutvedt, Mar,23, I96I. 

c. Brian Paul Tutvedt, Oct. 29, 1967. 

Evelyn m. second to John Taylor. She organized the Nelson-Rue Reunion in 1959 
in Kalispell, Mont. She has made and sold many beautiful oil paintings. ^ 

B. ARLIND HOLDSN NELSON, March k, 1911— May 1, 1911. 

0. ALTONA LULLA NELSON, Apr. 19, 1912. M. June 5. 1936, to Dale M. Gorton. 

1. Roger Dale Gorton, May 13, 19^5. M. Shirley Girts in June, 1967, 2 children. 
a. Andrew Roger, July 2k, 1971. b. Deborah Jeann, Oct. 15, 1972. 

D. ARLIND ASLAK ALBERT KELSON, May 21, 191^, m. April 12, 1936 to Grace Lennon. 
Arlind died Feb. 23, I967. Tvro sons. - 
1. Goerge Edward Nelson, Jan. 10, 1937. 2. Arlind Albert Nelson, Jr. .Nov. 4, 19^4-^*1 

E. JANEI KiARJORIS NELSON, July 11, 1916. ra. Mar. 31, 19^'i, to Clayton W. Donovan. ^ 

1. Marj' Janet Donovan, Oct. 27, 19^, m. Sept, 11, I965, to Duane Pederson. 
a. Kirk Peterson, Oct. 21, 1967. b. 1971. 

2. Robert Clayton Donovan, Dec. 19, 19^8. 

3. William Arlin Donovan, May 27, 1953. 
k. David James Donovan, Feb. 9, 1955. ^ 

F. ANM PATRICIA NELSON, Sept. 22, 1918. M. Oct. 18, 1936 to Melvin Wik. ^^ 

1. Patricia Ann V/ilk, May 29, 1937, m. Nov. 23, 1958 to Edwin Schoonover. 

a. Donald Schoonover, June \k, 1959. 

b. Jullianna, Oct. 28, I96O, c. Timothy Edward, Reb. 23, I965. 

2. Janet Kay Wik, Aug. 26, 19^2, m. Nov. 17, 1962, to John David McCrindle. 
a. Jennifer Mc'-'rindle, Aug, 12, 196i»'. b. David John, Oct. 2, I969. 

3. Melvin Nelson Wik, Dec. 10, 19^5, w. Aug. 22, 1968, to Pam Sorrenson. 
a. Hillery Davm Wik, May 26, 1971. 

G. BFATRICS VARIETTA NELSON, Mar. k, 1922, m, Aug. 29, 19^1^2, to Eugene E. Havens. 

1, Gary Eugene Havens, Aug. 29, 19^, m. Verondie, in Dec. I966. 
a. Brett Havens, July 16, I967, 

2. Anna Marie Havens, Jan. 8, 1951, m. March 21, 1970, to Mark Brown, 
a. Jeff Brown, Oct. 1, 1970. 

H. EDNA LOIS NELSON, Hay 13, 192^1, m. Jan, 11, 19^5, to Kent Erwen McCluskey, 
1. Brian Kent McCluskey, June 1, 1948, 

1, ADOLPH LUTHER NELSON, Aug, 10, 1925, lived nine hours only. 

VII. BLUM NELSON, Jan, 30, 1883— Dec. 6, I885. 

Vni.GUlfflILD CECELIA NELSON, Nov. I6, I885— Jan. 5, 1959, M, Carl Oliver Knutson, 
. b, Sept. 30, 1882, d. May 28. 1951. 

A. CHESTER EARL KNUTSON, Oct, 21, I9O6, m, Nov. 30, 19^0. to Blanche Aal. 
1, Shirley Knutson, Mar. I6, 1942. 2. Nelda Knutson, Aug, 6, 19^5. 

B. EVELYN CLARA KNUTSON, Mar. 23, 1908. ra. July 21, 1926. to William Henry, 
1. Patty Ann Henry, June 5, 1930, m. Aug. 1, 1951. to William Cain. ,| 

a. Margie Ann Cain, June 28, 1953. b. Sherry Lynn, May 28. I956, * 

. 2. Betty Lou Henry, Sent. 18, 1933— Dec. 14, 1948. 

C. ISABELLE MIRINDA KNUTSON, Oct. 9, 1911. m. Sept, 2. 1934. to Walter Trygstead, 
June 10, 1910. His parents were missionaries in China, He is principal in 
Paramount, Calif. Three children, 
1. Walter Qustaf Trygstead, June 10, 1936. n. Jan. 18. 1958, to Carolyn P. Carr., 


Anna Nelson, Mrs. Anderson, Mildred, Evelyn, Peter Anderson. 

Gunhild Nelson and Carl Knutson's Family: Arthur, 
Chester, Ruby, Evelyn, Alice, Gunhild, Isabel, Bill 
Henry, Carl Knutson, in back. In front Lucille and 

Gunhild Nelson, 1849-1883 
m. Hasting, Hanska, Minn, 
died birth of twins. 


C. ISABELLE MIRINDA KNUTSON, Oct. 9, 1911, m. Sept, 2, 193^, to Walter Trygstead, 
June 10, 1910. His parents were missionaries in China. He is principal in 
Paramount, Calif. Three children. 

1, V/alter Gustaf Trygstead, June 10, 1936, m. Jan. 18, 1958, to Carolyn P. Carr. 

2, Elaine Cecelia Trygstead, Aug. 8, 19^0, in. June 2$, 1959, to Joseph Harsak. 

3, Carl David Tr^/rstead. July 25, 19^. 

D. ARTHUR CHARLES KNUTSON, Apr. 1, 1913, m. Aug. 8, 1935, to Mary Kruse. Arthur 
and Chester, his older brother, have the large ranch at Patterson, California. 

1. Winifred Ellen Knutson, June 26, 1937. 

2. Diana May Knutson, Aug. 21, 19^2. 

3. Arthur Charles (Chucky) Knutson, Aug, 7, 19^46. 
k, Mary Ann Knutson, Nov. 14, 19^. 

E. RUBY LENORA KNUTSON, July 1, 1915, m. Apr. 24, 1937 to Reuben Axel Larson, 

1. JoAnn Cecele Larson, Mar. 10, 1941. 

2. Richard Reuben Larson, July 24, 1944. 

3. Debora Jean Larson, Sept. 25, 195^. 

F. (PATTY) ALICE BERNICE KNUTSON, July 4, 191?, m.first, Alton Hollenbeck, ;^ho died 
June 1, 1953. Patty ra. second to Bill Barnhard on Sept. 12, 1953. She is R.N. 
at Public Health Service in Palm Springs, Bill vorks at Assessors* officot 

1, Wayne Howard Barnhard, Sept, 5, 1954. 2, Glenn Carl Barnhard, Oct. 17, 1956. 
0. FLORENCE KNUTSON, Oct, 29, 1919, m, Larry Lee. 

1. Gary Lee, Jiine 15, 1946. 

2, David Lee, Feb. 4, 1952, 3. Michell, June 15, 1952, 
H. LUCILLE KNUTSON, Feb. 15, 1923, n. Woodie Leslie. 

IX, OLAV ED-^N (OLE) NELSON, Aug. 12, 1887— Sept, 29, 1954, Seattle, Wash, M, Olga 


1, Bryon, 2, Brooks. 


1, Rusty, 1946,' 2, Linda, 1948, 3 Mike, 

C, ELAINE NELSON, ra. first Frank, m, second Owen Wallace. 
1, Hike 

D, ELVERA IffiLSON, m. Dick Hope 


X, MARGARET NELSON, Jan, 31. 1889, Died two days later, 

XI, ARTHUR THEODOPJ: NELSON, May 4, 1890— Apr, 10, 1938, ra, Viola. 





XII, HILDA ALLEGRA NELSON, Dec. 6, 1891, n, Hany Schoonmaker, Hilda made a trip to 
Rauland, Telemarken, Norway, in 1971. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, 


B, JAMES NELSON SCHOOIS^UKER, Nov. 12, 1920, m. Frances Banks. 

1. Constance Lynn Schoonmaker, Feb. 27, 1947. 

2. Linda Hilda Schoonmaker, Oct, 28, 1950. 

3. Janes Nelson Schoonmaker, Sept, 18, 1952. 

XIII,BLUM STE-^ART NELSON, Jan. 14, 1894, m, Julie Perrin, 




XIV. MILDRED RUTH NELSON, June 2ii, I895t ni. first Jack Hope, ra. second Jack Lewis, 

A. ERNIE HOPE, Apr. 6, 191'+. 

B. RITA HOPE, Dec. 18, 1916, died 196^^, cancer. 


1 Judy, died in car accident, 196?. 

XV. LUELLA NAOMI NELSON, June 26, I896, m. T. R. Pliillips, m. second. 



C. JACKSON PHILLIPS, Jan. 8, 1922. 


■ A Grungfidal 



^// Grunge 




\ \ Romtveit 

V \^,^^Dfts garden 


Rauland Mountains 


Rauland Farms 

X^^Ar^ Haddeland 
Rauland T ":^"frards lore 

(The far;j 





Lake Totak 

je Church 






.!il Bekkhus 

^ V^ashus 
;- Svalastoga 
{ ' Rovshus 


Man a as 

-"-Sffirend r" 

''End of Lake) ^. 

Tojfe River 
Vinh'e / 

River Rinp-hus' 

I Aab0 /" , ,. , , ^ 


Kalraak-"- v 




Ilap from Yinje And :^auland 
by Rikard Bergs. 


Adolph and Bertha Nelson are seated in front of 
their children. Back row: Lois, Janet, Evelyn, 
and Anna. Middle row: Beatrice, Arlind, and 
Altera. The picture was taken in 19^. 

Evelyn Taylor and her two 
daughters, Sharon Lee Tut- 
vedt (left) and Shirley 
>*erone Anberson (right). 
The picture was taken in 
1972 at Shirley's home in 
Bozeman, Montana. Evelyn 
is the oldest child of 
Adolph and Bertha Nelson, 
\iho are shown at top left. 

John and Evelyn Taylor in I969. 

John and Evelyn Taylor are at the 
back, with granddaughter Pamela 
Amberson (age I5) between than. 
The other grandchildren are Lee 
Ann and Mark Amberson and Craig 
and David Tutvedt. Little Brian 
Tutvedt (age k) is at the front. 


SU-m K. IJELSON WAS HORII June 10,lo53 on the l-lDdc^^rnen F&m.rit HHddeland.R,.ul,.nd, lior^vvr. 
Jr.aicdal sa5^s tho s-aane f,Hnily has been at ,Midearden since prehistoric ti;nes, a'ad the 
big fana was divided into man;,^ smaller farms to satisfy heirs. Simon died July 16,1926, 
at 3ellin-han, Wash. He came to iijnn. -..'ith his mother and younr'er cliildrsn in ^^is 
oeens bat did not co to school. Me started vrorkin-; for Carl Torbensor at I'orthfield 
Ninji. This was the place ;jh.ere ^essie James holdup a bank about 1S72. H- ''^el-ocd' 
build the bank in Sheyenne, I!.Dak.^had store and farm there and rented this -rooerty 
ou-c vrxiile_he lived in fellin-han. He also invested in land around Gt^ias, C::n. ' 
^ He married.. aug. 16, 1397, Theoline Christine Ofstedal vrho was born Jan. ^0,1873 near 
cpriy Grove, I'inn. She died Mar. ll,ici:.6 in Bellin-ha-T, , ITash. Their^^iv^. o'dest 
cnileren were born at Sheyenne, U.Dak. but the youngest, Arthur was born Jn Benw-ham 
Their home address, 1213- 2ilth St. S. Bellinghai.i, Wash. , " ^''-^'^'^• 

I./p'A TC:-3TT3 :'ELS0:;,3ept. 1,1839. She was a teacher in Portland until she r-etir^-i 
She maae a trip to ...Ton.7ay and photographed her father's home, in ic.65. She na; Dives at 
Takoma, vJash. near her brother "ed. 

II. LT/E!: 131.30:', Sept. 3,1900. He was an electrical cn^-inee^^ in San ■fr'r-nc'i sro 
m. :!ov. 2,1930, I-:aria.a D' Ai-co " -..--. 

A. SKIRLi;rr Ainii ::3L30IT, April 2^^,1936, San Franeisco, Calif, 
m. Ilajor Lariy Roth 

1. David "lelson Roth, Sect. 1^70 
n];C£IlL XELSO::, !:ov. 6,1902. ^rmy' veteran World War II. ?0Et-;:n. 
IV. ::fD SSH'IeP. IliLSOM, IIov. 11,190^ Pharmacist, has a Dru- Store in '^"kom-'.'-'ash 
n. ;ipr.l930, AffiG UURA NOREIS. 
A.CH.^RLOTTE .UIIS IIZLSO::, .^ug. 2,1932, Takoma.Wash. 
n.July 1955, Crea.;LD LOU .•LLISGi:. 

1. RUTH X^iJE. .^LLIS0i:,F8b.lB,lG6i, Honolulu, ^^vain . 

2. I^hri CHWLOTT:; .jLLISOH, Jan. 1^^,1964, KGKCLULU, Hawaii. 
B.RICH-RD HID H::i.30H,:-:ar.3,193S,Takom£,Wash. 

m.Jiv^e 9,19ol to -^ITRID^TH FOSK.^. 

1. ::bli33.^ lyh" hflscii, aug. 2^^,1962 

'-. w...ii^:r,.: r.LRi :;:^LSO.;, ;.0V.l,19cj. 

3. STEFFI! HSLSOH, Oct. 26,1967 

V. TORV.\L H."DL^:D HFLSOH, Feb. 5,1907. Served k years v;ith Hav^,' in South Pacific. 
Died Mar. 3.1950 in South Pacific. V.'orld War 11. 

VI. ARTPaiR 3'v"i:vi:-] :3L30:;,Mar. 2,1909. Served ^!- years with Ai'i.iy in '//orld War II. 
He is ?ji accountant in American Can Co. San Francisco, Calif . 

n. Jiuie Y-}_kZ to GSRTRJJDF H;;33IHC. 
.■kldress. 623 Larchmont Drive, Colma 25, Calif. 

Arthur had strokes in Jan. 19':'2 ,went to hospital, passed away .April ■.■,1?72. 
J^lraa, Ned aiid .nnne went to his f^meral near Daly City, near San Francisco. 

C:-[RI3TI::F'S father, christen Csfstedahl in 1S;'9 to Wis. as a youn-; man. 
He c-uiie to Fedcr and Breta Haarvii. In the spring of ISI'O he narried'the 
dau:;;hter, Thorbjor Haarvii. They lived near Fee Post Cffice but the nearest i:as Sprin[;Grov3 , Hinn. They had 8 chi3.dren,a3 follo-.'s. 

1. Bertha, IS.:!. 2. Cle, 1G62. 3. Lewis, IG63. ^. Peter, iS^i^. 

5. -Andrew, 1366. 6. died 7. TFOLIHA CHRISTIHB 3. D:ivid, I076. 





Charles Crist and y>.nna Nelson Crist Family. 

Charles Crist, born April ^,1865, Chicago, 111. Died Kay^l955. Mission City, B.C. CaJi. 
/'^Buried -Hazelv;ood Cemetery, Abbotsford B.C. Can. His father had the Nonviegian narj;e,or 
'"' Christiansen, but Charles shortened it to Crist vjhen his father died in 189^. His mother 
was S^-zedish and her nsjae was Johanna Cull. She died inne 7»lo';2. Charles lived vrith his 
uncle Levin Gull till he vjas I6. Charles had a store in I-Iayville, rl.D. and also in I'atsqui, 
B.C. Can. Vie used to get some very beautiful calendars they sent out each year. 

Anns Nelson v;as born Aug. 9»1262 in Rauland, Telemarken, "Jonrviay. Afiter her father died 
her mother took her family to Minn, in 1S"0. They lived in Dakota Territory'', ^er younger 
brother Zivind took her out to Brent, near Spokane, Washington Territory and they found 
jobs there and liked the climate ver^^ much, but both came back to Dakota. 

On April ^,1889 she married Chailes Richard Crist at Ma^fAdlle, l-'.Dak. livinp there 
till 1903, when they emigrated to Matsqui.B.C.Can. and lived there till Nov. 1932, when 
they retired to MissionCity.B.C. Can. She died Feb. 23, 1935 and buried at Kazelwood Cen. 
I, Norman Roy Crist, Jan. 12,1890, Sheyenne, N.Dak. Died Feb. 1^,19^5, Mission City, B.C. 
He was a partner in his father's store and dealt in Real Estate and Insurance. 
Married Ruth Victoria Carlson, ;;onft June 13,1920 , Matsqui. She was born May 3» 
l897,i-inkoping, Si/reden. She resides in Mission City. 

A. Vivian Eleanor Crist, .Vpr. 13,1921, Mission City, B.C. She is an organist, 
living in Long Beach, Calif. 

B. Alan Richard Crist, Feb. 21,1925, Abbotsford, B.C. Died Apr. 19.1961 Mission City. 
Ke suffered from Diabetes but vms a photographer. 

C. Shirley Ann Crist, Spril 5, 19 29, Abbotsford, B.C. She was a teacher. 

Married July 19,1953 to Ronald James Cockroit.born Mar, 21, 19 28, Alberta, Can. 
Ke vras a florist. They had no children but had a divorce Jan. 19^5 
She lives at 1355 '■<'. l^'th Ave. Vancouver 9» B.C. Can. 
II. Minnie Ethel Crist, Feb. 19,1091, Ottofy, N.Dak. 
^ Married July 7, I9I5, Vancouver, to Peter Grant, born April 7, 1389, Inverness, Scotland. 

^ Died May 23,1959, Voncouver. Buried -Katzic Cemetei^/, Mission City, B.C. 

Ke was merchant, then Real Estate and Insurance Agent. Minnie resides 33702 
Boundary Road, Abbotsford, B.C. 

A. Gwendol^Ti Isabelle Grant, April l,19l6, Salem, Ore. Travel Consultant. 
III. Melvin Herbert Crist, May :', l392,Majn^ille. N.Dak. Died Oct. 29,1913, New 
y.'e^cminstor, B.C. Gccunation - Installation SupervD-sor.B.C. Telephone Co. 
Married Jan. l6,191'4-, Mission City, to Gertriade Aileen Smith, born June 1^,1892 
Mt. Vernon, Wash. She died April 15,1969, Langley, B.C. Buried Kazelwood Cem. 
A. Chester Allen Crist, Aug. 12,1915.Takoiaa, VJash. Electrical Engineer. 
Married April 1^]-, 19-1-3, to Helen Mona Knutson.born Nov. 25,1921, Cornation, Al. 
Resides 3720 So, D. Street, Takoma, Wash. 

1. Carol Ann Crist, Feb. 9,19^^, San Francisco, Cilif. Teacher. 
Married Dec. 13, I965 to '^'eorge Edward Possin, born Oct. 2 3, 19^1-1, A, 'is. 

Ke is Physicist- Gen Electric. Reside- 236I Algonquin Rd. Schenectady, N.Y. 

2. Robert \is:fne Ci'ist, Mar. 26, 19i!-;', Takoma, Wash. Attends U. of vJash. 

3. David Allen, Mar. 5,195^ TakoinO'.Wash. Attends high in Takoma. 

B. ;irden Ronald ^rist. Mar. 29,1913, Mission City, B.C. Ke owns and operates 
a forist and shoe store, called the "Bloomin Sh.oe" at Massett, B.C. 
Harried Dec. 2h, 19^1, '7ancouver,B.C. to Jean Corbett.born Sept. 8,1922. 

1. Ronald Charles Mel^/in Crist, Mar. 21,19^-3. Abbotsford, B.C. 
He is an electrical engineer. 

2. Marvin Wray Crist, Mar.10,19^5 Abbotsford. B.C. Mining Engineer^. 
Married Aug. 30,1965 to Donna Galloway, bornSept. lS,19^3i Cassidy,B.C. 
She vias a school teacher. They reside Revelstoke, B.C. 

S) a. Lorraine Jean Qrist, Mar. 25,1966 Vancouver, B.C. 

b. Michael James rist, Aug. 6,1967, Cassidy, B.C. 

5. Brian Ethan Crist, Oct. 23,1959. Langley,3.C. 

Charles and iVnna Crist ,"nd pace, 

r/. Ciiester .Mien. frist, born Auj-. 15,1D9'^-, I'ayidlle, ".D. Died "a;/ 19,1901, :>o^/ill 

V. ^Ita Vesta Crist, born Oct. 31,1395, Ilajrville, T.Dak. Died Sept. 6,1965 at 

i'ission Cit:'-,3.C. Duried :iazeli:ood r.e:nBti:ryv Stenorjrapher. \ 

VI. Esther Joh.3Jina Crist, Jan. 23, I9OI, i:a:^/illc, II.Dal:. Died July 22, 190'^. 
VH. Carl B'/erett Crist, June 27,1905, ::atsqui,5.C. Can. Died Sept. 15,196^, 

at Portland, Orei^'on. Entonbed in Portland Ilenorial Ilausoleun. 
He v:as a Pharmacist. Married .Apr. 13, 1936, Portland to Pearl Thea Knutson, 
born Sept. 13,1903 in Kansas. S>-e is a Cor.ptcneter O^^erator. 
She resides at 1337 S.3. St. .Indre-rs Drive, Pottland, Ore. 
A. .nrlene Deanna Crist, born Jan. 3,1933, Portland, 
Married Eddie O'Livas on June 3, 1953 at Cancel, Cal. He uas born June 9 
1923, euba, I'eu iley±co. He is Health Studio Instn-'.ctor. Divorced 1963 
1. Brett Ed.rard O'Livas, June 21,196c Portland, Ore. 

3. Richard E^/erett Crist, born Oct. 22, 19^iO, Portland, Ore. Contractor, 
married .lU-^. l'^, 1953, to Donna Lee Hartin, born July 16,19^}-1, Portland. 
l.Terrie"Sue Crist, Oct. 3,1959 Portl.and,Ore. 
2.. Richard Steven Crist, "ov.7,1960 Portland, Ore. 

Richard ^.zas divo^ed /ipr. 13,1963 2nd :!arriare,:'a7 12,1965 to 
Billie Jesr 'Jricht, born Aug, 15, 19^!-7, Portland, Ore. 
Reside - /intioch, Calif. 





^■BBr ''^^H^^H 

- ^*t, ^m 


Charles, Roy, Minnie, Anna, Melvin, Aha, & Chester. 

Everett, 1905-1964. 

Esther Crist, 1901-1904. 

Gwendolyn Grant, 
Minnie's daughter. 

Alta Crist, 1895-1965. 

Shirley, Vivian, Alta, Charles, & Ruth Crist. 


June 2,1974, Joanne Hudgins 
married Mike Carter, Texas. 

Sept. 23, 1977, Karen Hudgins 
married Sergio Covarrubias. 

. Rich, Patsy, Viola, Art, Sue, Jon. 

Anna Grist's descendents from Can. 
Gwen, Ruth, Vivian, Minnie, Shir ley. 

married Denize Feely,, cal. 

Aug. 6, 1978, Sue Pell 
married Jon Altraan, Seattle. 
All my daughters got to this 
wedding. See below. 

Brown , Berglund , Hudgins , Bell . 
Muriel,Leona,Anita,Viv, Viola , 

Gunhilrl's descendends. 


Gunhild's daughter, 
Nellie = Mrs. Lida. 

Sever Lida ' s family 
Gladys , Sept . 22 , 1 902 . 
Sidney, July 20,1904. 
Clarence, June 23,1911. 

Sorry the printer 
reduced this photo so 
small. He didn't under- 
stand what I meant. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lars Aurdal 
in Norway, She is Tena's 
daughter, Hazel Berge Pence 
from California. 

She sent me the photo 
below of the old Midgarden 
home built in 13^9 of huge 
logs. It has been so well 
preserved for 629 years 
that it is one of 
homes in Norway, 
it for a museum. 

Notice the sod roof 
which must often be replaced 

the oldesl 
They want 

Gladys daughter 


Mr. and Mrs. 

Mike Parson. 

Daniel, Apr. 

David, Oct. 1, 

I didn't get 
any more 
family photos. 

See first chart in Genealogy book, Gunhild is the seventh child. 

In 1977 I wrote to the courthouse in Pope County, Minn, and asked 
them to please send my letter to any descendent of Lida . Mother had 
written down that Nellie had married Lida. 

Clarence tida answered my letter and'later drove from Starbuck.Minn. 
to Texas to visit us. Clarence didn't know where his grandmother was 
born, for his mother^ Nellie, was brought up by a stepmother. If he had 
known he would have visited Rauland for he visited his father's birth 
place not far from there, in Norway. 

Gunhild Midgarden born Dec .30, 1 8^^4-9. died, twins birth5l895. "i. Helling. 
Nellie Helling born I883. Died Jan. 1,19^0. Married Sever Lida. 

I. Gladys Clara Lida, Sept. 22, 1902. Died May 5,1963. Married 
June 24,1925 to William Smedstad, born Mar, 2,1901. 

A. Olive Norma June Smedstad, June 4, 1926. m. Sept. 3, 19^8 to John 

William Larson. 1. John Wm. Larson , Jr. May 14,19^9. 

2. Erik Wayne Larson, Jan. 22, 1952. m. June29, 1976 to Ann Lindsay, 

3. Carl Victor Larson, Apr. 9, 1959. 

k. Lael Elizabeth Larson, Feb.9tl962 
B. Ardis lone Smedstad, Mar. 26, 1928. m.July 15,1951tto Bruce 

Ellison Burrington. I.Jill carol Burrington, July 21, 1955' 

2. Scott Bruce " Sept. 11,1957 

3. Joel William " Mar. 22,1963. 
C.Carol Sylvia Smedstad, Aug. 27,1931. m. Dec. 29,1954 to James 

Joseph Kleckner. 

1. Kathyrn A«y Kleckner, Mar. 12, 1956. 

2. James Joseph " Sept. 4, 1957. 

3. Jana Marie " Sept. 3, 1958. 

4. John Patrick * July 13. 1961. 
D. Ruth Ann Smedstad, Aug. 3. 1939 • M. Dec. 30. 1967 to Michael 

William Parson. 

I.Daniel William Parson, April 21, 1969. 

2. David Arthur Parson, Oct.l, 1970. 

II. Sidney Raymond Lida, July 20, 1904, St. Paul, Minn. Ramsay County, 
ra. Aug. 7, 1926 to Mary Edwina Streeter,Aug. 17.1905. Pueblo, Colo. 

A. Sidney Lee Lida, Oct.l, 1927. Kansas City, Mo. Jackson Co. 
m. Feb. 19, 1949 to Betty Aline Miller, July 17.1927. S.Bend, Ind. 
1. James Raymond Lida.Sept .25. 1965.Hackensack, New Jersey. 

B. Bonnie Colleen Lida, Nov. 19, 1931. Kansas City. m. Nov. 23, 1949 
to Gerald Lee Carter, Feb. 27, 1929, Cleveland Park, Kan. Johnson Co. 
I.Chris Lee Carter, June 23,1951 Kansas -City. Mo. 

2. Robert Terry " Feb. 24, 1953 

3. Gay Anne " Mar. 24, 1957 " " ^ ^. 
C.Robert Streeter Lida, Nov. 11, 1936. " " " m* Sept. 5, 1969 

to Carolyn Jean Zobel, Dec. 31, 1938, Witchita, '^ansas. 

III. Clarence Lida, June- 23, 1911. m. Bee. 15, 1936 to Virgie Peterson. 

A. Charles Lida, Jan. 29, 1937- m.Nov. 25,1966 to Mary Sell. 

B. Douglas Lida, Feb. 9, 1941, m. Dec. 15, 1968 to Ella Jean 

1. Kerry Lida, July 8, I969. 

2. Craig Lida, Feb. 7, 1971. 


What a thrilling moment it was when we received the supplement 
to Qr. Smedal's Family History on which he had worked many years. 
This traces his family on his father's side back to the first kings 
of Norway, As most of the Royal houses were intermarried this 
book shows relationship to most of the rulers in Surope. 
We were sorry to hear of Dr. Smedal's passing away Sept. 1, 1977 • 

The Midgarden's are related to Dr.Smedal about six generations 
nack on his mother's side. TRay have preserved one of the oldest 
homes in Norway built in 13^9 and hope it will be a museum. 

Sue Cell and Jon Altman were Student Missionaries teaching in 
her father's "Adventist English School"in Bangkok, Thailand, last 
year. These Student Missionaries teach for room and board and a 
small allowance This school gets no help from U.S.A. but supports 
itself through tution from the 500 students from grades ^ to 12. 
They graduate about 50 students from the 12 grade each year who go 
on to universities abroad. 

We didn't get get any photos of Sue's wedding yet, which could 
be printed off. Elder Art Bell and Viola flew to the wedding 
he preformed the ceremony. It was a lovely church wedding. 
Jon's missionary sister and her family from Pakistan came. 

I had spent a week in Canada visiting the Grist's and they drove 
me to the wedding. Jon's parents live in Seattle. 

From there Muriel and I flew to St. Paul, Minn, to visit Bernice.j 
Then on to the Devil's Lake airport where Harold, Lois, and Barbara 
and their families met me. I was glad to see Lakeview Farm again 
where I was born. Delorice had arranged a Family Reunion on Auff. 
13 at Stump Lake Park. There we saw many old f riendsr- arid relative?, j 
as well as many new little members. The Hudgins family traveled by 
car to Seattle for the wedding, then to Dako:ta for this Family Reunion. 

Maureen's classmates didn't believe she was descendeded from 

Roger Williams so we sent the chart to school. 

They wanted to see his photo in the 
genealogy. Artists made paintings and 
statues of famous people in l600. Williams 
was brave preacher, who dared to say the 
State shouldn't make religious laws for 
everyone should be allowed to worship as 
they liked. Also the Indians should be paid 
for their land. He learned their language, 
taught them to read the parts of the Bible 
he put into their language. He founded a 
model republic in Rhode Island, fte was a 
peacemaker among the Indians. His colony 
prospered and though it was the smallest 
in 1787 they insisted a gill of Rights 
must be added to our Constitution. 

Statue of Roger Williams in Capitol 

Some friends advised me to conquer arthritis in my hips by 
giving up sugar and fried foods. Eat mostly raw foods, salads and 
fruits and nuts, not much cooked or tinned foods. Hold my head up, 
exercise, pray and believe that I would be able to lift my feet. 
Take plenty of food supplements, no drugs. I am trying it. 

The Lord has been very good to us. May God bless you all with 
health and strenght and give you a joyful holiday season. 

.'7 ^^ ,yv . /r^/^: 

Nelle ; 

The Vern Carscallen Family 
Vern Jr.; Lois; Carey; Vern; Jane 

Nelle, with husband 
Jim Cornelison 

Julie & Brent Cornelison 

Carey, with wife 
Dorothy (Crumley) 

The family has been active in miss 

ion service for the Seventh- 

day Adventist Church. Lois and Vern spent six months ^"/^^^^^/^ 
volunteer workers. Carey and Dorothy both served as student mxs- 
sionaries from Walla Walla College before they were ">^";^^ ' ^^^^^ 
spent two years at Yuka Mission Hospital m Zambia and Dorothy one 
year in Bangladesh. 

f\fkf/fr Mndrrf